Native Social Key For Driving Location-Based Targeting Ad Revenues

Location-Based Targeting Revenues for mobile are likely to grow  to USD 29.5 billion in 2020 in the next four years up from USD 9.8 billion last year, with Native Social driving the revenue growth. Native Social is defined as graphical and textual brand messaging that is merged into the organic feed-based interfaces of mobile social apps. With […]

Less = More With Five Tips For Priming Content For Small Business

Design your content around the shopper journey and buyer persona, some of the research insights from Google and research based on a study by HubShout, among 450 respondents between the ages of 21 and 55  are: 88 percent of mobile users want to see prominently displayed business hours and 85 percent want to see the prominently […]

A Sleighful of Chocolate and Candies For Last-Minute Gifts and Shopping

  Recipes are all the rage this Holiday Season, however, Chocolate is the leading Search Term in Shopping category. For the Food and Drink category, Recipes, Chocolate Candies, Candies, Cookies and Chocolate are correlated. For Mass Merchant and Department Stores Category, bench-marking the search terms to Category shows positive trend for Chocolate and Candy (Search […]

Five Ways To Optimize Campaigns For The Last-Minute Shopper

According to Cardlytics, the largest holiday shopping segment is the Last-Minute Shoppers, a group of consumers who make up 36 percent of total holiday shoppers and do their gift buying between December 11 and December 31. The Last-Minute shoppers spend more than their counterparts and visit stores more frequently, as the holiday deadline looms. Last-Minute Shoppers […]