Five Miracle Moves For 2016 Digital Impact

According to Carat’s Ad spend report the forecast for 2016 for Digital, states a significant increase in Mobile and online video with Programmatic being a key media technique. By the end of 2015 US market Programmatic transactions will account for 52 percent of non-search digital advertising spend, with predicted growth of 20 percent to continue for the next few […]

Targeting In-Store Shoppers With Mobile Ad Campaigns

According to Google, Shopping-related searches on mobile have grown more than 120 percent year-over-year. The interest for Gifts and Holiday Shopping is sustained through till Christmas, in place of prominent peaks during Cyber Monday and Black Friday only. Target found that three-quarters of their customers start their shopping experience on a mobile device and Walmart has seen […]

Facebook Launches Location Based Insights And New Ad Objectives

FbFacebook’s revenues from Mobile are at 78 percent in Q3, 2015 up from 66 percent in Q2, 2015. With Mobile playing an increasingly important role in Holiday shopper’s path to purchase Facebook has upped the game with advertising options tailored for targeting the mobile shopper. Brands and  Local businesses now have a number of options available to them for targeting audiences at a location with the option of customizing ads with a suitable call-to-action and customizing offers as well as creative.

Facebook’s new campaign objectives allow advertisers to set up campaigns for offer claims that allow advertisers to promote timely offers ensuring that their best customers can get relevant offers. This is a new level of response driven marketing that is bound to engage loyal customers for a store where the right offer is available to the deal seeking shopper at the right time.

Facebook Insights  now give information about the audiences that are in the vicinity of the local store. Furthermore, the data available to marketers will also feature if the audiences in the local area zone have seen any of the ads, allowing Brand Marketers to retarget audiences and sequence creative accordingly.

The Insights available to marketers will also feature the age demographic of the audience, and the distance from the store. The data is reported at an aggregate level under the location settings tab in account settings from the More section in Facebook mobile App. Read More about insights on

According to Facebook For Business page, Local Awareness Ads allow Businesses to set up ads for local business and creatives with Calls to action customized for each business.
local awareness

“Local awareness ads allow businesses using Locations for Pages—a tool for connecting and managing business Pages with multiple store locations—to use information from each of their Pages to add dynamic ad copy, links and call-to-action buttons to their ads, so each ad is localised for its corresponding store.
For example, if a cafe with multiple locations in the San Francisco Bay Area decides to run local awareness ads, they could choose to automatically populate the city name in their ad copy, depending on where the people seeing the ad are. So, people in Menlo Park would see “Join us for lunch in Menlo Park,” while people in San Francisco would see “Join us for lunch in San Francisco.” Call-to-action buttons are also dynamic, so when someone clicks on the “Call Now” or “Get Directions” button, they’re connected to the store currently closest to them. This helps advertisers spend more efficiently, since they’re only connecting with people likely to visit the store and the information they share is hyper-local and relevant”. Continue reading “Facebook Launches Location Based Insights And New Ad Objectives”

Key Holiday Season Shopping Trends and Infographic

National Retail Foundation is projecting 2015 holiday sales to rise 3.7 percent, reaching USD 630.5 Billion dollars, of which USD 105 Billion Dollars is going to be online sales.  Retailers report seeing more than 20 percent of sales being generated in the last 61 Days with Jewelry stores stating as high as 26 percent of the sales are generated during the holiday season. On average Holiday Shopping has seen an upward trend, with Holiday shoppers in 2014 spending an average of USD 802 on gifts, decorations, food and more, compared to USD 767 spent in 2013. Mobile sales reached a new high of 27 percent of online retail sales.
Consrspend Retailgrowth

Mobcr TGD Offers

Research shows that free shipping at 86 percent is the most sought after offer from retailers, after price-offs, According to’s 2014 e-Holiday Survey  92 percent of retailers surveyed form of free standard shipping during the holiday season with guaranteed Christmas delivery. Among consumers looking for Holiday season Deals 25 Million Consumers stated they would use Mobile only for shopping on Cyber Monday. It,s not surprising that 58 percent of marketers increasing spend on Mobile are planning to invest advertising dollars in paid search to drive mobile shopping (52 percent), mobile email optimization (46 percent) and paid search to drive store shopping (37 percent).
Continue reading “Key Holiday Season Shopping Trends and Infographic”