Amazon Introduces “Dash” For The Internet of Things

Amazon launches Home Services, that lets you shop for services including TV Installation, landscaping and Music services directly from your phone, taking the The Internet of Things to the next level. The key benefits promised are convenience and making the lives of customers hassle-free. From the stables of Amazon Home Services, is ¬†“Amazon Dash” available to Amazon Prime members where you can reorder products with a simple push of a button, with the order placed directly in your app, which comes with a¬†feature of order confirmation, whereby you can cancel the order should you change your mind.

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Campaign Optimization For Always-on Shopping



The Digital Buyer who has an always on approach to shopping in a multi-screen world requires a newer approach for campaign optimization. This is especially true for the holiday season shopping where shoppers are influenced at multiple touch-points before the decision is made.

Social sharing and discovery on social networks plays a critical role with nearly 33 percent of Target Audience turning to Facebook or Twitter for deciding on the purchase and nearly 40 percent looking at emails prior to consideration phase.

Adding to this, is the newest technology addition of Beacons that can connect the audience to availability in store as well as guide them close to the best bargain available in the category of choice. The Beacons are personalized to the extent that it has a possible facial recognition built-in which identifies customers after they walk into the store.

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Wearables – Consumer Insights


Wearable Technology Sales are likely to increase to USD 70 Billion in a decade from USD 14 billion in 2014. The adoption Rates for Wearables is matched to that of Tablets and the key opportunities are seen in the area of Safety, Health and Simplification of Lives.

According to a report published by PwC the likely benefit perceived by Consumers for Wearables in the Health Category are Longevity, Obesity Reduction and better fitness levels.


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