Cats, Dogs and 5 Ways To Fly With Facebook’s New Video Metrics and Publisher Tools


Facebook introduced Newer Video Metrics and Publisher Tools for Facebook 360 Video. The new Publisher Tools for 360 videos make for a responsive viewing format, resulting in higher completion rates and increased watch time. Titled Guide and Heatmap the new Publisher Tools will create a guided experience for the viewer with a narrative that matches the viewer’s interest in the Video.

Publishers Tools For Guided Experience

With Guide, publishers can edit the 360 video to create a guided experience. With Guide, users are guided through video for objects that are of most interest for the users. According to the Facebook Media Post, users can opt to view the guided experience with a narrative by using the onscreen indicator.The Guided experience brings out the narrative for a view that is chosen by the viewer. To add the point of interest and enabling guide Facebook Video provides 360 controls where publishers can define points of interest.

Heatmap is an insights tool for determining points of interest within a 30-degree span. With Heatmap publishers can determine the key points of interest for users making the Guide tool more effective.








Targeting different Audience Segments with a narrative that is of interest for the viewers can make for a more engaging experience increasing the Watch-time.

New Video Metrics 

The new metrics for Video will give a complete snapshot analysis for each video with a round-up of Minutes viewed, Unique viewers and Audience reach. The video metrics are available for  video posts including Facebook Live, 360 and Video uploads. With enhanced metrics, media brands, publishers, advertisers and Broadcast media can gain insights for their video content strategy. Audience and Engagement Card available for all video will give a breakdown of key targeting attributes including age, gender, and location.

For Facebook Live Video publishers can gain an insight for the engagement graph to know the reaction and points of interest for Facebook Live Video.




Knowing how the audience reacts to different parts of Live Stream can help broadcast publishers determine the moments that stir the reactions from different audience segments. Focusing on the target’s reactions and actions can increase viewers watch time and retention rates.



With a Snapshot analysis, publishers can determine the reach and completion rates, to understand the performance of their content strategy. This can help publishers and Brand pages determine  content genre that increases the video watch time and engagement rate with target audience.







According to Facebook Media blog post, nearly 48 percent of video watch time on Facebook comes from shares. With new metrics publishers can gain insights on Video watch time for shared videos that originate from shared videos and posts pages.



With insights from the metrics that guide the insights with target audiences data on location, gender, age for video content, users can know the content genre and video content that target audiences find engaging. The Audience Engagement graph and Audience Retention for different spots can help publishers determine the right content duration.

Facebook Live Video Goes Mainstream

Facebook Live is the preferred engagement tactic with nearly half of the Media pages as reported by Social Bakers. Facebook Live has recently added broadcasts for up to 4 hours with a video only mode that allows uninterrupted viewing without comments and reactions. With live video adoption rate Brands are increasing the share of live posts to increase reach with younger and engaged audiences.



Find out the point that is likely to grab your users attention. Plan your Live Stream content strategy for users to return to your page for the content that they are engaging with on social networks. As  shares account for 48 percent of video watch time, creating user-friendly clips for your fans can increase the share rate.


Up and Up With Interactive Live Video Content


Interactive Video Content brings better performance for Broadcast publishers, as seen from benchmarks shared by IAB. For broadcast publishers, adding Interactive video content is known to boost completion rates and increase user activity. While Mobile Video generates the best engagement rates, Connected TV Video resulted in highest completion rates.

InteractiveVideo performance

With nearly 50 percent of  US viewers planning to  watch  Olympics Live , Live Video interactive content could be the new tactic for increasing audience engagement. Adding Multiple calls-to-action in your Live Video content leads to greater interaction in comparison with Linear Video.

Adding quizzes and questions to your video makes for content that encourages the audience to take part and generates increased engagement, view-through and completion rates for your Video Content. Facebook Live API has several interaction elements  to reflect viewer engagement in real time and create on-screen graphics that show live poll results, analyze comments, and enable comment moderation.


With NBC Olympics and Samsung Gear VR partnering to bring 85 hours of 2016 Olympics footage in Virtual Reality, the rumors are that Live VR footage may soon be a reality.

Brands looking at increasing engagement rates for their campaigns associated with events can use Interactive Video content that engages the sports enthusiasts.


Interactive Video content in endorsements and posts from Influencers on Social Media makes viewers active participants with interactions. Sharing comments and interactions with hashtags and Custom Interactive campaigns that  with multiple choice options generate higher actions.



Boost your Live Video engagement with Content and Mobile Video and Publisher posts  that work as a prequel to the Live video. Adding Interactive Calls To Action To Your Live Video Content can bring in increased Video Completion rates and increase the time spent by the audience in viewing video content.




Digital Video Advertising Trends


TVmobileeMarketer estimates US digital video advertising spend will increase to USD 9.84 billion in 2016, a 28.5 percent change from the previous year. The growth is likely to continue with Digital Video ad spend projected to increase to USD 11.72 billion in 2017 and USD 16.69 billion by 2020.

As per the research conducted by eMarketer, advertisers continue to see a shift in marketing dollar towards Mobile and Desktop advertising, though as high as 60 percent of campaigns utilize cross-device targeting, including connected TVs.


According to Videology’s US video Market at a Glance, the key trends defining video advertising spend are:

TV Viewing accounted for 11 percent of Campaign targeting as that enables advertisers to achieve their campaign objectives with technology that allows for audience behavior across devices, adding reach to their linear TV advertising. Addressable advertising helps advertisers reach audiences at scale with a brand experience that is customized based on the viewers choice. Advertisers can optimize ads based on the choice of content and advertising.


Viewability is the most common advertising objective. View Through rates and Click Through rates are the other common video advertising campaign measurement objectives.




An aggregate of 45 percent more campaigns utilized connected TV and cross-device behavior as compared to Q1 2015. Mobile advertising in itself grew by 50 percent.


TV and devices

The most popular ad duration is 30 second ad spot followed by 15 second.


Nearly 96 percent of programmatic campaigns were bought with a Guaranteed CPM.



Super Bowl 50 Gets The Gold


According to Nielsen’s preliminary results, the telecast of Super Bowl 50 on CBS, which ran from 6:39 ET p.m. to 10:21 ET p.m., drew an average audience of about 111.9 million viewers who tuned in to watch the Denver Broncos battle the Carolina Panthers. The golden anniversary game, in which the Peyton Manning-led Broncos defeated the Panthers 24 to 10, was viewed in an average of 54.3 million homes and had a preliminary 46.6 U.S. household rating. Preliminary estimates also found that 72 percent of U.S. homes with televisions in use were tuned into the Super Bowl 50 telecast—the highest household share since Super Bowl XVI in 1982. According to preliminary estimates for Super Bowl 50 simulcast on ESPN Deportes, 483,735 people (P2+) tuned in.

According to the NFL report on Super Bowl 50 that saw Denver Broncos‘ 24-10 victory over Carolina Panthers recorded a whopping 167.0 million viewers, as per CBS, making it the most-watched single broadcast per Nielsen’s Fast Total Audience Estimates.

Doritos Ad featuring an ultrasound was the most shared ad though according to Visible measures, Ritz Crackers that went with an online only video marketing approach saw the highest reach pre-game.

Top Super Bowl 2016 Ads

1. Ritz Crackers – Big Game Snacks – 29,288,180 True Reach®
2. – #StartStunning – 28,476,601 True Reach®
3. Doritos – Crash the Super Bowl: Final Edition – 27,326,005 True Reach®
4. Hyundai – The Chase – 27,097,018 True Reach®
5. Amazon – #BaldwinBowl – 23,987,112 True Reach®
6. Sam’s Club – Big Game Zen Babies – 23,035,445 True Reach®
7. TurboTax – It Doesn’t Take A Genius To Do Your Taxes – 22,313,206 True Reach®
8. Axe – Find Your Magic – 20,351,406 True Reach®
9. T-Mobile – Super Bowl 2016 – 17,866,261 True Reach®
10. Heinz – Wiener Stampede – 13,937,414 True Reach®

According to the official YouTube blog, the most watched ads were:

Top Trending Big Game Ads on YouTube based on views (as of 2/8 3 a.m. ET)

  1. Hyundai – The Chase – Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial | The 2017 Hyundai Elantra
  2. Pokémon – #Pokemon20: Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial
  3. MINI USA – MINI USA | #DefyLabels Big Game TV Spot
  4. Hyundai – First Date – Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial | The 2016 Hyundai Genesis
  5. Mountain Dew – Mtn Dew Kickstart: Puppymonkeybaby | Super Bowl Spot
  6. Hyundai – Ryanville – Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial | The 2017 Hyundai Elantra
  7. Axe – AXE – Find Your Magic [60 second version]
  8. Doritos – Doritos® Crash The Super Bowl Finalist – Ultrasound
  9. Snickers – SNICKERS® – “Marilyn”
  10. Doritos – Doritos® Crash The Super Bowl Finalist – Doritos Dogs

Salesforce tracked over 19 Million conversations about the game, with Doritos as the leader at 141852 mentions followed by Budweiser at 81890 mentions.


Super Bowl In Search

According the Official YouTube update, there was a reported 1,000 percent spike in search interest in Beyonce after the halftime show. Meanwhile, searches for “Longest punt return” spiked 8,000 percent in the first quarter of the game.
Top Searched Moments of the Super Bowl
  • Beyonce performing “Formation”
  • Lady Gaga performing the National Anthem
  • Jonathan Stewart scores touchdown
  • Brandon McManus scores field goal
  • C.J. Anderson scores touchdown

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