YouTube Launches 360-Degree TrueView Ad Format

Brands can now leverage the 360-Degree view technology introduced by YouTube with In-Stream TrueView ads that can be viewed in Chrome and the YouTube app on Android and iOS. With the icon placed within the video the viewers can now enjoy viewing the video from the angle that pleases them, or on Smartphones by moving a phone around, up and down, left and right,. TrueView 360-degree ads are seen as more engaging and viewers are likely to see the ads rather than skip through the ads as 360-degree format is more interactive.

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YouTube Creators’ Campaign With Vloggers For Engaging Millennials

YouTube Creators’  new Vlogging Campaign features a professionally directed directory by Oscar Nominee Nanette Burstein, that projects the success of Vloggers on YouTube and the influence of Vloggers with millennials.

According to Marketing Week,  Zoe Smith, Google’s Marketing Manager says: “In the last year YouTube creators have captured the imaginations of brands and consumers alike. So we wanted to offer a better view into the rise to fame of vloggers, their creative process and their unique connection to loyal audiences.”

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