Five Ways to Humanize your Brand

Social Media has given an all new way for brands to bond with the audiences, which requires your brand design to evolve and create messaging options that are seen as the “voice of the brand”.

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Building Digital Influence for your Brand

ID-10091999According to Digital Influence Report published by Technorati, Brand budgets are not fully aligned with how the consumers are seeing value and being influenced, to where the brands are spending on Media, largely on account of lack of metrics that help in defining the influence of content on a purchase decision. To understand the key areas of Brand Digital Spend, and the growing importance of Influencers, it is important to look at the key trends that are influencing consumer behavior, digital media spend and the influencers in your category.
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Ten Key Steps to Effective Mobile Marketing


The most popular shopping activity on Mobile devices performed by   57 % Shoppers is looking up store information, while 38 % make a purchase and 49 % compare prices.

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Ten Steps to Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing reaches audience organically with SEO, blogs, and social media to attract, engage and convert visitors to customers. With captivating content, Inbound Marketing answers customers queries by solving a real problem, turning them from prospects into customers. It is proven to work, with Inbound marketing delivering 54 percent more leads than traditional marketing at […]