Facebook’s Campaign Planner Predicts Reach and Frequency


Facebook Campaign Planner a new tool for advertisers lets you predict reach for your campaign.With Campaign planner you can create versions of media plan to understand which  version helps you meet your targets.campaign-managerIn addition to being able to predict reach for different budgets, you can arrive at estimated reach for your campaign by varying the budgets for each campaign. By adding the budget and campaign duration, you can arrive at estimated reach and frequency for your campaign.

Each media plan can have up to six versions. Each version gives details based on budgets, schedules, audiences, placements, and ad impressions per day to better understand the potential reach and frequency of your campaigns.

Based on predictions of reach and frequency you can determine which media plan works best for you.


Now with Facebook planner you can not only see the reach of the campaign and the budget required to obtain the reach, You can also estimate the budget required for the targeted reach, within a specified timeframe.

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New and Improved Offers From Facebook


Facebook advertisers and Page owners can now share offers on the page with Offer Page Composer, where the visitors can view all the offers from an advertiser at a glance. The Offers can be advertised in Mobile News-Feed and New Feed for site visitors. Furthermore, Facebook now offers the flexibility of sharing offers that can be used online or In-Store.

According to Facebook Business,  the new Offers update, boosted Maurice’s, an apparel Company, campaign ROI by 31 percent for a USD 15 Discount.


Launching a campaign with discounts that can be redeemed online with a common coupon code allows retailers to engage the most likely purchasers based on custom audiences and lookalike audiences.

Taking response advertising a step further, Facebook is planning to launch, a customized or a personalized offer allowing retailers to offer deeper discounts at check-out.


With customized and personalized offers, retailers and brands can offer discounts for a segment of frequent purchasers, or high value customers. Personalizing the rewards can create a deeper engagement with the most loyal customers.

Four Ways Brands Benefit from New And Improved Offers
Increased Relevance 

Visitors for a brand site often check Facebook page for a site prior to making a purchase and as per the study shared by Facebook IQ, for an electronic purchase there are a total of 201 visits to a Facebook page in 24 days. With the offers bookmark and offer page composer the target audience looking for product information can easily locate the relevant offers, prior to making a purchase.


With the new update,

“Offers are automatically saved to the new Offers bookmark. People can review and access their saved Offers at any time by clicking on the bookmark, then redeem them on mobile, desktop or in-store (depending on what the advertiser has specified).”

With the offers Bookmark as well as Offer Page Composer, the users can view all offers for a brand or business. 

“The other way for businesses to share Offers is to post them directly on their Page through the Offer Page Composer. All posted Offers will be viewable by anyone visiting the Page. If someone has missed a posted Offer, they can click on the new, dedicated Offers tab to see all Offers posted by the business.”


Personalized Offers

Brands that are looking at retaining their best customers or acquiring new customers of similar profiles can pitch personalized offers based on behavior targeting. Customers that have availed an offer or purchased a high value product from you can be used as custom audiences. In case Brands wish to cross-sell a new product, a personalized offer can be used to target the audience behavior to attract and retain high value customers. Personalized offers in the users News Feed can help Brands retain their high value audience. Brands can also link a discount offer to a certain purchase value.

Customized Offers

Brands that are interested in targeting an audience segment can use the custom audience pixel to customize an offer to the most likely to convert audience.  By offering a Freebie or an additional price-off for a segment of buyers can make your brand stand out. Custom Audience pixel helps you retarget the audience, while conversion tracking pixel helps you analyze advertising performance and optimize bids for ads and audience that are most likely to convert.

After you’ve placed a Facebook conversion pixel on the page associated with your desired conversion action, our delivery model looks at data and then makes adjustments to your bid to serve ads to the people most likely to convert. For people who we predict are more likely to convert, we’ll bid more aggressively than for those who have a low conversion prediction. Advertisers are billed based on the number of impressions delivered to this audience“.

Increased Conversion Rates

Brands that use Dynamic Product ads, for retargeting or attracting new customers  Brands can combine an offer to increase the conversion rate.

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Bing Ads Key Insights For Holiday 2016


The US retail sales for Holiday Season 2016 are likely to hit USD 868 Billion with a surge in e-commerce volume, that accounts for nearly two-thirds of the season’s Year over Year growth. According to Bing Ads Insights Report, Search Engine Marketing and Organic searches account for more than 50 percent of all sales and acquisition. Online Search is also termed as the “Preferred Channel” for Gifts Inspiration. Nearly 50 percent of the  planned budgets were allocated for Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization by Retailers in 2015.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.43.09 pm

With the high search volume, during the holiday season advertisers need to be ready with their campaigns as early as the first week of October.

According to the Insights report, shoppers search categorically with terms like “handbags,” “dresses,” and “mens wrist watch”. Additionally, nearly half of the top searched keywords included gender keywords “mens” or “women.”

For Electronics and Electronic Gadgets, the top ten searched keywords, according to Bing’s Internal data for 2015, included: “TVs,” “TV,” “headphones,” “wireless headphones,” and “beats headphones.” Additionally, more than 80 percent of searches were non-branded, however 45 percent of clicks  are accountable to  branded keywords.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.44.39 pm

The search volume for leading categories varies with Gift Cards and Clothing or Accessories  accounting for more than 50 percent of all queries for finding the right gift, according to NRF report.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.43.44 pm

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.45.11 pm

Black Friday Week saw click volume double on mobile, however the clicks declined by 21 percent in Cyber Monday Week. The Desktop/Tablet volume continued to increase by 42 and 8 percent for the two consecutive weeks. The CTR sees two distinct peaks. coinciding with online sales during the Black Friday Week and a in the preceding weeks accountable to the early sales announcement. The CPC on the other hand rises at a slower rate during the preceding weeks with a distinct peak during December, as per the Bing’s internal data for Toys Category.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.49.32 pm

Holiday season shoppers plan their purchases early, making retailers plan for an extended Holiday Season Shopping.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.50.03 pm

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.50.45 pmScreen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.51.07 pm


According to Bing Ads Insights report, Shoppers are by and large Channel Agnostic. The choice of channel depends on value, convenience and reassurance. Shipping, Price-offs and ease of return with an assured quality are key considerations. Though consumers who search on Mobile and Online, anticipate spending 75 percent more while shopping, in-store.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.51.52 pm

To optimize your campaign for the Omnichannel shopper, here are the key considerations.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 4.12.38 pm

Ad Extensions in Search Ads are proven to bring forth results over and above Organic search.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 4.13.50 pm

Checklist For Your Campaigns

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 4.14.37 pm

Facebook Rolls Out Ads For Leads Generation


Facebook had earlier announced testing of “Lead Ads”, that are now available for all advertisers. The Leads generation ads that are available differ from the formats that are available through the other link and domain ads available on Facebook as the creative is customized with pre-filled information making the format mobile user-friendly and at the same time making it easier for businesses, brands and retailers to understand their customers’ requirements better.

leadadsAccording to Facebook For Business, Lead Ads are designed with a mobile friendly format allowing customers to reach you and your business with minimum information. Facebook allows advertisers the following Calls-To-Action that can be used in the Lead Ads:

There are six call-to-action buttons that are available for Leads Ads: Sign Up, Learn More, Apply Now, Get Quote, Subscribe and Download.

Businesses that are using information as the key sales technique will find the Ad format extremely useful. Facebook for business has seen success with early advertisers who have reportedly seen        a 50 percent decrease in acquisition Costs. Facebook recommends that advertisers optimize for Leads. Before choosing the pricing it may be important to ascertain the acquisition cost associated with each action that the business wants to offer on Facebook.


Customize the form to capture just the info that’s important to your business.

Grow inbound inquiries, email subscriptions, sign ups, applications, registrations, pre-orders and more.

Capture lead information from people who have expressed intent.

Facebook Leads Analytics are available on Publishing Tools
  • Click Publishing Tools at the top of your Page
  • Click Lead Ads Forms (only visible once you’ve created a lead ads campaign)
  • Within the Forms Library, select a form and click Download to export the leads in a CSV format

Some of the use cases that shared by Facebook are Newsletter Sign-ups, Deals and offers, Product Demos, Services Infomercials.



Optimizing The Ad Creative For Generating Leads

Facebook recommends, Providing more context than you would with a traditional ad, given that you’re requesting immediate action from the viewer.

For example, if the signup is to receive a particular deal, ensure that it’s clear that the viewer must submit their contact details in order to receive the deal.

Consider including coupons or other incentives in the ad creative for lead ads – anything that gives the viewer an incentive to share their information with you.
The ad copy is also an opportunity to highlight the value proposition – try letting the user know why sharing their information with you is good for them.

For Lead ads forms

Try to create a few different ad sets with different forms. Experiment with forms to find the format that gives you the lowest cost per lead.
Ask only the information that you really need – while more information is great, it comes with a trade-off. Additional questions add additional screens that the viewer has to click through – every additional screen increases chances of abandonment.
Keep free-form text input to a minimum. With custom questions you have the ability to ask open-ended questions but keep in mind that any text input increases friction in filling the form. Try providing some options for the answer that they can choose from instead.
For questions where the viewer can choose one of many options, try to limit the options to 3 or 4. Minimizing scrolling leads to a better the experience.