Pixar And The Art Of Storytelling


Making the story relatable is more than a clever video creative or animation. Pixar delves into various attributes that make the story relatable. The Raison d’être for a story is what determines the success of the film’s story.

Strong characterizations is one of the factors that lend to the relatability for a story. Encouraging audiences to empathize with characters creates a unique bond. Inspiring emotional understanding brings audiences to delve further on the story and explore the subject matter.

Brand Storytelling with Content requires Brands to start a conversation with the targeted audience that helps them see the usefulness of the Brand in their lives and thereon engage audiences in an ongoing conversation. Brands that seek to evoke emotions with fans and followers, can use different types of content to tell the Brand Story. Brand Storytelling can be used to engage audiences at different stages of Consumer Journey right from brand discovery to post purchase or advocacy stage.


Photos, Video Clips and Animated GIF’s

Visuals are known to be more engaging. To be able to capture the sentiment of your audience with the visuals makes for campaigns that resonate with and engage your audiences.

Content Fillers For Ongoing Audience Engagement

Use Content Fillers on Social Media to keep the audience interest alive in your Brand or Campaign by adapting content to be used as a filler to further your brand’s story.

Target created a  Holiday Adventure Series that led through a maze of presents presenting a number of options that were available for gift shoppers, while building on the story of a magical quest to light up a ridiculously Giant  tree.




Create Video Content and Contests For Themed Engagement

Oreo’s Open up with Oreo themed campaign takes forward the campaign idea of openness making the brand relatable in different contexts. The storytelling approach here builds on the idea of inspiring openness and curiosity in every day lives .

“As a brand that inspires openness and curiosity every day, OREO believes that, if we begin to open ourselves up, we’ll make more meaningful connections and discover that we have more in common than we think, no matter where we live or what walk of life we come from,” said Jennifer Hull, Brand Director Global OREO.



Oreo has earlier taken the idea of “Wonderfilled Moments” to tell the story with video clips that generate enthusiasm with the audience with an experience #PlayWithOreo that directs users to a link with recipe.

Use Video Contests to engage users with a theme that establishes your brands’ support for a cause, that can be used to package your brand as a socially responsible brand by supporting a cause or promising benefits that generate positive association for the brand.

If you are looking at a product centric campaign then a series of simple quizzes or content that is useful can bring forth the product features and help you build your story. Ben & Jerry’s post on Instagram about Flavor Facts created more than average engagement.


Use Exclusive Product Shots and Visual Treatment

Product shots that are exclusive create recall for your content. Another interesting way to approach the visual treatment is to see attributes that are closely associated with your brand and use those attributes to create a unique style for your posts.

Brand Content For New Launches and Offers

Ben & Jerry’s uses video on Instagram effectively to make the story relatable with links.

Amazon’s Prime Now builds on deals and ultra-fast delivery promise with social media posts.


Brands that rely on social media referrals can use posts that showcase consumer reviews or user-generated content to endorse the Brand Story. A simple compilation of Users with images in a video format can engage audiences making them feel part of the story while helping you achieve your campaign objective.



Mobile Advertising Growth Accelerates


mediatimeMobile Advertising is projected to increase by 66 percent as per the KPCB Internet Trends Report. eCommerce as a percentage of Total Retail sales continues to grow making for a 12 percent share of retail sales. Mobile advertising presents the greatest opportunity for advertisers.

Snapchat’s Daily Video Views are at 10 Billion per day, as per the Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report. Taco Bell’s Cinco De Mayo Lens garnered over 224 Million views on Snapchat. Facebook tops the Digital Audience penetration with over 1000 Minutes per visitor in a month for the US market. Facebook owned properties including the messaging apps  lead in share of photos and make for 60 percent of visual sharing on social networks.



SCL snapchatphotos

Mobile continues to present the greatest advertising opportunity. Advertising expenditure on Internet continues to ramp up, projected to grow at 20 percent over the next year on account of Mobile advertising growth at 66 percent. The Voice Assistant usage continues to increase with 65 percent Smartphone owners using Digital Voice Assistants with as high as 32 percent quoting product discovery as the primary reason for using voice assistants. As high as 22 percent of search queries on Voice Assistants are with a local intent.


Voice Assistant Usage Increased by 9 Percent with 65 percent of Smartphone owners using Voice Assistants and location continues to be the  driving criteria for voice search queries.
searchqueryvoice VA


Internetrampup mediatime

Millennials and Gen Zers vary in their use of technology and overall approach where Gen Zers prefer to communicate with images. Targeting users with campaigns that use Digital Interaction and unique social network features can create the right audience engagement.

View The Report Here.

Six Ways To Turn Your Content Marketing Hacks From Blah To Fantastic


Content Marketers often look for the right context to promote their product or brand story. Answering the simple question that helps content marketers understand “Why” my audiences are likely to share or like my post can help advertisers, publishers and brands decide on the right content marketing approach.

Here are six ways you can turn your Content Marketing Hacks from Blah to Fantastic.

Focus On Your Target Audience

Your campaigns need to be present where your audiences are. Engage them on the channels of choice. To get your content visible, focus on your audience to know who they are and how best you can reach them. Choose the right tactic to engage them.

The Damn Daniel meme teens, that took the internet by the storm, are now starring in Weezer’s newly released music video. If that’s not enough there is a game app released on March 7, based on the Daniel phenomenon, that is topping the App charts.


Answer the “Why” For your Content

Do you know why your audience and fans prefer your content over the competitors’. In short does your content have a “Value Proposition”. Are you promoting a service or content that has a clearly defined value, making your audience’ happier, entertained or stress free. Knowing “Why” your content is preferred is similar to generating an Insight. Tasty a recipe content marketer, garnered over 40 Million fans in less than three months. Tasty as a Food content publisher has seen success with a clearly defined content proposition of creating recipes for the audience on the go, in a Facebook mobile friendly format that can be viewed from the News Feed without the sound. Superimposing text on visuals has made the content ideal for the mobile viewer. The Music Streaming App Spotify, is another example, where the content value proposition has created buzz and a competitive edge, with curated playlists that  make for sustained interest and significant user growth.


Promote with a Context

Contextual targeting and posts that are relatable resonate better as the audiences find the content more useful. Content usefulness, according to Shareablee is the key reason audience engage with and amplify content.

Interest tags help Facebook better match content with audiences, prioritizing posts on particular topics for the users who are most likely to be interested in those topics. Interest tags don’t limit a post’s distribution — they just help it reach the most relevant subset of an audience.

Choose Mobile Friendly Formats

Publish your content with Formats that are best suited for Mobile viewing. Video posts bring about greater social media actions. To amplify your content present recipe ideas and DIY party ideas in mobile video format. Most content that is shared is shared for its usefulness and entertainment.


Co-brand  and Promote With A Publisher

Co-branded or Sponsored content generates 8X higher engagement when shared with the Publisher’s audience as compared to the content that is shared with the Brand’s social audience. As seen from the Damn Daniel phenomenon that was viewed over 45 Million times with various Publisher posts.


Use Price Points That Work

Create package offers that work for your audience with a price point that lets your customers decide in a hassle free manner. KFc’s USD 5 fill ups and Wendy’s Four for Four bundles are examples of price points that work with the audience that wants to decide without a hassle.

Key Insights For Online Video Strategy


According to Tubular Labs, 654.7 million videos have been uploaded by 66.7 million creators in the last 365 days to more than 30 video platforms. And these videos have 2.8 Trillion  views, or an average of 4,390 views per video. According to an AOL State of the Video Industry report, desktop video spend grew from USD 3.7 billion to nearly USD 4.7 billion in 2014–2015 (a 27 percent growth), while mobile video grew from USD 1.5 billion to USD 2.7 billion (75 percent growth). While short-form dominates as a percentage of content monetized long-form mobile video has a growing share of viewers for online video on Smartphones.












Snapchat’s rise to have almost the same number of daily video views as Facebook with only a fraction of the user base, while also being 100 percent mobile, is something that a lot of marketers missed in 2015.

YouTube is known to play an important role in buyer journey,  with Sixty-four percent of shoppers, according to Google Insights and  forty percent growth year-over-year in viewership of product videos such as sneaker pickups, first impressions, and product reviews. YouTube  has created an Awesome Stuff Week with creators for content that audiences are looking at prior to purchase. Awesome Stuff week is a five-day celebration of awesome stuff hosted by tons of your favorite YouTubers. Awesome Stuff Week is a great way for audiences to discover  new products.


Video is known to improve ROI for your content marketing. With online video focused on millennial audiences being more app driven, the advertising will be driven by intent and behavioral data. According to Media Post, To enable digital video advertising to deliver on its full potential — reach, intent-driven viewing, engagement, and targeting — in 2016 marketers will consider the major video platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, in unison.

Use Keyword Analysis Tool to improve the search results by identifying the highest impact keywords.

Optimize your campaign in AdWords for the metrics that matter the most to your campaign.


Use Predictive Analytics to determine the campaigns and the video ad mix that is likely to perform better.

Use Pre-determined Workflows to increase efficiency and efficacy of campaigns. If you are retargeting audiences with video creative, then work on a campaign and creative flow for each stage of customer journey.

Look at all possible channels to optimize video views including Mobile, SEO, email and Social Media.

Use Celebrities to promote your videos for a campaign.

Promoting Video Clips of your ad brings about greater engagement.

Best Practices for YouTube Marketing Success From Top 100 Global Brands Study

Be a well-oiled, consistent, video content machine. The most successful brands have 50 percent more videos per channel compared to the least successful ones. The best-performing brands publish high volumes of content on a regular schedule. Top aggregate brands publish approximately 78 videos per month. Leading media brands produce even more: close to 500 videos per month.

YouTube SEO follows very different rules than traditional SEO. Within traditional SEO—Google prioritizes web pages with YouTube video embeds.
The best performing 25 percent of Top 100 Global Brands took more care in optimizing their videos and channels, maintaining twice the number of playlists and video tags than the bottom 25 percent.

Don’t get caught in the overproduction trap; lesser quality video works well, too The best YouTube marketers produce a broader range of video content.Videos do not need to be prime-time quality because those with lower production value can be just as effective.

Apply an “Always On” strategy to video marketing The most successful brand marketers on YouTube integrate their online video   strategies with their traditional, offline marketing strategies. Successful video marketers don’t hesitate to produce video series for very limited, but highly engaged audiences, such as event participants.  Continued advertising results in sustainable channel growth and subscribers.
Apply branding consistently, intelligently and methodically The top performers consistently brand their videos in both the video content itself as well as in metadata, which includes titles, tags, and descriptions.
An appropriate level of branding within videos is essential because successful YouTube videos are often used outside of the context of a branded YouTube channel, such as website embedding. Over-branding may limit sharing within independent communities of interest


Adding more content is more important than adding more channels 37 percent of all channels have not been updated with fresh content for over 120 days. Successful marketers have YouTube channels that clearly focus on specific target audiences.

 Engage your community On social media
Facebook and Twitter are among the most important sources of traffic on YouTube within the Top 100 Global Brands. Users frequently share videos on social networks, as video content has greater sharing appeal.  The top 25 percent of brands had significantly higher social sharing of video than the bottom 25 percent.Viewer sentiment is starting to show distinct trends for different verticals. Home and luxury segments have the highest sentiment, while financial services and consumer goods have the least.
Unboxing videos

Unboxing video views have grown 57 percent over the past year, and uploads have grown more than 50 percent.  And the unboxing videos have more than a billion views in this year alone.



Source: Pixability, YouTube Insights, AOL, Momentology