Pixar And The Art Of Storytelling

Making the story relatable is more than a clever video creative or animation. Pixar delves into various attributes that make the story relatable. The Raison d’être for a story is what determines the success of the film’s story. Strong characterizations is one of the factors that lend to the relatability for a story. Encouraging audiences […]

Mobile Advertising Growth Accelerates

Mobile Advertising is projected to increase by 66 percent as per the KPCB Internet Trends Report. eCommerce as a percentage of Total Retail sales continues to grow making for a 12 percent share of retail sales. Mobile advertising presents the greatest opportunity for advertisers. Snapchat’s Daily Video Views are at 10 Billion per day, as […]

Six Ways To Turn Your Content Marketing Hacks From Blah To Fantastic

Content Marketers often look for the right context to promote their product or brand story. Answering the simple question that helps content marketers understand “Why” my audiences are likely to share or like my post can help advertisers, publishers and brands decide on the right content marketing approach. Here are six ways you can turn […]

Key Insights For Online Video Strategy

According to Tubular Labs, 654.7 million videos have been uploaded by 66.7 million creators in the last 365 days to more than 30 video platforms. And these videos have 2.8 Trillion  views, or an average of 4,390 views per video. According to an AOL State of the Video Industry report, desktop video spend grew from USD […]