Create Brand Experience With Themed Digital Marketing Campaigns


March Madness ‘ Digital ad spending has increased from USD 479 million in 2005 to more than a billion in 2014. Ads are streamed to 9.9 million viewers with ad-supported video casts. Capitalizing on the trend is Acura that has launched “March Memeness” campaign where there are over 103 Meme’s  that are featured on the brands site with a digital blitz planned on ESPN, social media sites to create an organic buzz for the brand.

Acura rep Jessica Fini said the company would engage in real-time marketing efforts on March 26, and “depending on how that goes,” potentially also on March 28 and 29.

According to MediaPost, Part of the automaker’s association with the NCAA, it extends the “Catch if you Can” theme for the car via alignment with the NCAA Tournament Challenge, of which Acura has been a sponsor for three years.

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Apps The Way Audiences Like It


Apps are popular with the audiences and it’s not surprising that event marketers as well as sponsoring brands are bucking the trend.

Clean and Clear has taken events marketing with apps a step forward by signing up Social Media Celebrity Lauren for brand endorsement at the 2014 MTV VMAs. The Instagram profile is updated to mention the coverage.Clean & Clear We’re inspired by girls who aren’t afraid to say #seetherealme, so we’re sending @lglaurenn to the VMAs. Follow here & on Twitter for the BTS action

The Chart below elaborates time spent and average number of Apps used by different age groups.

Infographic: Monthly Mobile App Usage in the U.S.  | Statista

Five Steps to promote your Brand at Events

1. Sign up a celebrity and cover the event with live updates.Engage the fan following of Celebrity with posts and updates from Celebrity Twitter and Instagram to promote the countdown to the event as well as the event with event specific Hashtags.

2.Cross Promote with a video with a link to the Instagram as seem for Clean and Clear.

3.Promote the Instagram posts on social media sites with the hashtags. It may be a good idea to include trending hashtags.

4.Include live coverage of events

5. Link it to your Brand site as well as sharing sites such as Eventstagram to create the event showcase.










Customizing Brand Content


Shopping is shifting from an activity that takes place in physical stores or online to a value exchange that can play out in multiple new and novel ways. Since almost anything can be a retail channel, thanks largely to mobile technology, brands must get increasingly creative in where and how they sell their goods.(Source: JWT Spotlights 10 trends for 2013)
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Socialmediascope 2013 – The Year of Engagement Marketing


With record activations for Android and ios devices, and increase in app downloads in the Holiday Season, the importance of  Engagement Marketing cannot be ignored. Google Plus Business Pages, Tailored Trends on Twitter  and the growth in Facebook users, could well mean that 2013 will be The Year of Engagement Marketing as Brand Marketers optimize  Advertising sharply targeting the audiences with User Interests, Online Behavioral and User Data.


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