John Lewis Commercial Is The Most Viewed Ad For 2015

John Lewis Christmas Commercial #OnTheMoon, for 2015 generated 5.8 Million views on YouTube in first 24 hours making it one of the most viewed Ad Spots in the first 24 hours. The earlier Ad Spots from John Lewis, “The Bear and the Hare”, was the most shared ad ¬†with¬†200,000 shares in the first 24 hours, […]

John Lewis Reveals Christmas Ad

John Lewis revealed the  Christmas ad spot,  with a theme of sending a message to the moon with the teaser on Twitter featuring #OnTheMoon. The track of Oasis’s Half The World away is sung by Norwegian vocalist  Aurora. The music score complements the theme of the film where a little girl attempts to send a message to man on the moon. The campaign plays on the music score, and the album can be purchased from iTunes or listened for free on Spotify.

John Lewis advert last year #MontyThePenguin was viewed over 24 Million times and with a unique customer experience was the most viewed Christmas ad last year in the first 24 hours.

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