Location Based Searches Skewed Towards Mobile


Mobile search trends based on 3.5  Million mobile site visits and hundreds of millions of online visits, conducted in 2016 for a four-week period beginning April 10 and ending May 7, 2016, found that for some sectors, primarily Food and Beverage category the smartphones and tablets account for dominant share of site visits. For Food and Beverage category, mobile site visits are at 72 percent of searches that result in a visit.


According to Hitwise, the research pointed towards a similar trend in Health industry, “The Health industry, too, sees a similarly high share of searches being initiated on a mobile device with 68% of searches resulting in a click to this industry coming from mobile. ”

For retail 56 percent of searches that are site visits are from Smartphones and tablets. Location-based mobile searches are heavily skewed towards mobile and include words like “near me,” “hours,” “24 hour” and those that start out with “where to buy…”.


Mobile searches that included words “return policy,” “price match” or “reviews” were initiated on a mobile device at least 77 percent of the time and cue in higher purchase intent.


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Key Trends In Mobile Advertising


The Key findings from a Mobile Advertising research published by Smaato analyzing over 300 billion impressions for 450 publishing partners, in Q1 2016, showed that Mobile Advertising grew at 89 percent across all regions year over year.

Video Advertising gives the best returns for publishers with growth in Video eCPM being higher by 11 times compared to the image and text ads. The growth in Mobile Advertising revenue on an eCPM basis is the highest for Music Content genre followed by other content genres.


Mobile Advertising has over-indexed for growth in all categories including Music that makes for 59 percent of Mobile advertising revenue. Arts and Entertainment app  makes for nearly half of Global ad spend for the apps.


Music makes for a lion’s share of advertising revenue among other related content pertaining to the arts and entertainment category. Advertising revenue from Celebrity Gossip and Humor linked content contributes to nearly one-fifth of the Mobile Advertising revenue. Among different genres, celebrity gossip was seen popular with younger audiences, while books and literature appeals to a more mature audience.



Mobile Advertising presents a wide growth opportunity with 25 percent of the time spent on Mobile where as Mobile advertising is only at 12 percent of advertising budgets.


Larger Ad sizes make for the best revenue generators with eCPMs for interstitials being at almost three times the eCPM for banner ads. Publishers working with larger ad sized and newer formats for engaging experiences are likely to see better response and view rates.

The Ad sizes popularity varies for different operating systems. For iOS  leaderboard is the most popular ad format, followed by Medium Rectangle. For Android the most popular ad size is Interstitial followed by Medium rectangle.


Key Insights For Targeting Millennials This Holiday Season


Video and Mobile are the most important content discovery digital tools and channels for Millennials. According to a study by Animoto,

  • 80 percent of millennials consider video content when researching a purchase decision
  • 7 out of 10 millennials are likely to watch a company video when shopping online
  • 76 percent of millennials follow brands on YouTube
  • 60 percent of millennials prefer to watch a company video over reading a company newsletter



Match Product Mix To Your Target Audience

According to Nielsen research, Many Millennials frequent WalMart, however Target is the preferred brand for Upscale Millennials. Target has focused on capturing the upscale Millennial market with a strategy focused on designer partnerships and niche home product lines. Depending on your Brand’s strategy plan an engagement strategy for sharing products that your target audience is most likely to be interested in. Use Video as far as possible in your brand site, as Millennials prefer to watch a video than read a catalog and 80 percent Millennials, view a video about the product while researching the product.

Media Strategy Based On Audience’s Viewing Habits

According to Google Insights, Millennials view video content from Smartphones and brands targeting audiences with mobile video creative are most likely to engage and deepen social media engagement.


According to Social Bakers Brand posts achieve 24 percent impressions from Viral i.e. shared media and Organic reach unlike Media publishers posts where 98 percent posts are viral or organic. Therefore for Brands promoting posts and advertising on social networks is important to achieve the share of visibility targets. Also, nearly 80 percent Millennials have liked a video post which makes for a better interaction rate.

Target’s strategy of focusing on Niche products and promoting products with Video advertising and Social Media posts seems to have paid off with a growth in subscribers and YouTube video views and Facebook Fans.

Target’s Facebook social media posts are a combination of useful content in video format and Black Friday deals. Overall Target increased Digital’s share of media spend by 30 percent for holiday season.

VidsubsYT Target

Make Video Content That Resonates

Target has followed Brand Storytelling approach that engages users with an approach that cues in great offers and deals for Holiday Season and followed it up with a promotional video spot that announces Ten Days of Deals, with the Gingerbread Man reading the weather forecast.





Use Influencer Marketing

Create an influencer marketing program for your brand that lets audiences draw upon useful tips, How-to’s and ideas. The Home Depot that has higher on average video views has a successful Content Strategy that features content which audiences find useful. To increase the trust for Brand’s Content The Home Depot uses Influencers successfully to get the content discovered , viewed and shared. The Home Depot Influencer Marketing program engaged Martha Stewart, for tips on Seasonal Decor Ideas including DIY content such as making a cupcake stand.


Content Relevance

In another example from Walmart Food Hacks are gaining popularity with simple to-do recipes for Holiday Season. For your content to be shared, content  relevance is key for gaining the audience attention and time.

Video Millinnials