Key Advertising Insights For Super Bowl Viewer Engagement

Super Bowl was one of the most viewed and Tweeted about events for 2015, breaking records for a single most viewed event. According to WSJ, “A record 114.4 million people watched the New England Patriots defeat the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl on Sunday, the largest audience for a U.S. television program in history.” […]

Fan Engagment on Twitter Extends Beyond The Live Airing of Shows

pllBrand advertisers have leveraged the affinity for TV programs to boost fan engagement as millions of fans log into their favorite program and Tweet about it.

While most of the Twitter conversation takes place during the airing of the show, there is significant conversation that takes place post the airing and during the build-up stage. Nielsen Social has tracked and analyzed 24/7 Twitter TV activity around 72 weekly broadcast and cable series programs in August and September 2014.

Nielsen Social has earlier shared reports that indicate a very strong correlation between the TV Ratings and the Tweet activity for the show. The context for conversation is important to understand the level of interest generated with the Twitter conversation, outside the live airing.
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