Mobile Traffic Increases To Nearly 60 Percent For Black Friday


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Amazon Introduces “Dash” For The Internet of Things

Amazon launches Home Services, that lets you shop for services including TV Installation, landscaping and Music services directly from your phone, taking the The Internet of Things to the next level. The key benefits promised are convenience and making the lives of customers hassle-free. From the stables of Amazon Home Services, is  “Amazon Dash” available to Amazon Prime members where you can reorder products with a simple push of a button, with the order placed directly in your app, which comes with a feature of order confirmation, whereby you can cancel the order should you change your mind.

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Facebook Introduces Product Ads

ProductadFacebook introduces Product Ads that let advertisers promote products with Dynamic Product ads, multi-product ads or promote the entire Product catalog with a call to action in the advertisement.

The dynamic product ads and multiple product ads help retailers showcase products with a positioning that is unique for each product. The advantage of product ads is that it links directly to your Product URL leading to greater conversion lift. It is like response driven advertising or direct mail that helps you target the set of audience that you want to reach for increasing online sales or conversions for your products. While offer based advertising and other brand advertisements maybe good for creating awareness for your brands, product ads offer a unique opportunity to create a showcase for your Products with targeting options based on interest, behaviors or with custom audiences targeting your website visitors.

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Short-Form Video For Product Marketing

Mobile or Short-Form video has gained the spotlight for consumer engagement for brands with videos being looped on Vine and liked on Instagram. For product marketing here are four ways that brands are using short-form Video to promote product benefits in a unique way. Highlight the Product Feature that you want to promote in your Mobile […]