Key Insights From Holiday Shopping Research

Based on research among tens of thousands of shoppers, carried out in December 2015, here are the key insights for marketers and advertisers for Holiday season 2016. Promotions play a role in influencing purchases – As high as 38 percent consumers sign up for retailer’s newsletters and as high as 35 percent search on the […]

You Can! Sweet Spot Search and Social

Advertisers spent 47 percent more year over year on social ads in the second quarter of 2016, as per a research study by Kenshoo. ┬áThe study was carried out for campaigns with 550 billion impressions, 11 billion clicks across 20 categories for an estimated advertising spend of USD 6 billion spent during the last five […]

Content Marketing Tactics That Move The Needle

Brands view Content Marketing as a priority for Digital, as it engages audiences beyond discovery and increases the conversion rate, as can be seen from Adobe SEM benchmark performance where Click through rate for Mobile and Desktop has increased over the last year. While search marketing Click Through Rate was higher, Social Media interaction rate […]