5 Ways For Increasing Engagement With Seasonal Campaigns


Brick-or-Treat Party nights at LegoLand California and Florida are packed with more fun with Live Shows, Costume Contests, Character Meet and Greets and Live Band. With party nights designed to pack in the spooktacular fun for the weekend nights throughout the month of October, LegoLand  has extended park open hours. Among other attractions of the park the Halloween promotion features, Ghost Cruise, The BooGrass Band.  M&Ms earlier announced the launch of Booterskotch flavor. Other brands have  launched seasonal favorites such as Oreo Pumpkin Spice Sandwich cookies and Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, making the brand messaging more resonant.

Research has proven that engaged Twitter users for Seasonal campaigns bring about 6.4X sales lift. Promoting your brand’s message with a seasonal context and increasing the engagement with Fans and Audiences requires a focused social media and content marketing strategy.

Five Way Brands Can increase Engagement With Seasonal Promotions
Long-form Posts

One of the best ways to give information about your offers and promotions is a Branded post hosted on your site, optimized with Keywords. In the post for Lego Land, The site lists the main attractions for the party night along with visuals that are illustrative. With featured posts and visuals, Lego Land posts work to engage the audience with their favorite Halloween themed events, along with Event Guide and Questions. As the brand posts go a long way in engaging users, publisher and other trusted site’s posts build on the theme for seasonal campaigns.


Promoted Posts

Promoting your event on Facebook with promoted posts can help you target the audience based on Demographics, interests as well as custom audiences targeting users who have earlier visited your site for events.

Targeting, Placement of Ads and Objectives are key in building on your Facebook ad efficiency, with nearly 70 percent of reach on Facebook now being paid for advertising. On an average 25 percent of the posts seen by a Facebook user are Pages post, of which nearly 10 percent are promoted. To get your posts featured in the Users News Feed Use Interests  to get the best response for theme based posts.

Search Optimization

Optimize your site content and featured offers with text that contains keywords, users are most likely searching for. In addition to hosted content that is searchable, Reviews, ratings and guest posts that are featured in search results can build trust for your brand and make your events as well as Halloween themed promotions look credible.


Promoted Tweets, Lead Generation Cards and Twitter Carousels

Much like the promoted posts, promoted Tweets and Twitter Carousels can help you reach target audiences based on promoted trends, or other targeting capabilities such as age, income, education or even the mobile carrier. For further engagement think about Lead Generation card on Twitter. When you add this capability to your Twitter campaign post, your fans can click a link that brings up a form already populated with their Twitter data: name, email address, and Twitter handle. Engaged Twitter Users are known to drive 6.4X sales lift according to Twitter’s research. As engagement brings about a greater purchase, the frequency of posts and limited time messaging also increase sales, according  to the Twitter research.


Create an engaged viewer experience by adding Haul and Prank videos to your Halloween content. Haul videos are popular during the Holiday season. Creating the same with a seasonal context and for a targeted audience increases the engagement.


Use Video for Storytelling. Target followed Brand Storytelling approach that engaged users with an approach that cued in great offers and deals for Holiday Season and followed it up with a promotional video spot that announces Ten Days of Deals.

Brands Look At Adding Fun Twist To Digital Content



According to a report, Brands are increasingly taking to Visual Social Networks. A research where 250 brands were tracked, found, brands posted an average of 9.3 times per week on Instagram and 8.8 times on Facebook in the fourth quarter of 2014.

As it is true for digital campaigns, visuals and messaging that is fun gets liked and engaged with, the content strategy that encourages audiences to find out more is seen to be more engaging and fun.

Here are some principles for creating a winning creative strategy for the Mobile Retail shopper, shared by John Boiler, Founder of 72andSunny, which can help in guiding your Social Media Campaigns.

Keep it simple. Nobody on a mobile device is looking for a five-click-deep, down-the-rabbit-hole experience. People are looking for a quick hit of information, guidance, inspiration, or fun. Respect folks’ time by feeding their needs. Plan your mobile, experiential doohickey accordingly.

Keep it fun. One advantage of an always-on, always-with-you device is that it can offer a different, complementary experience to what you’d get in a retail store—at exactly the moment you want or need it. There are tons of apps and sites that can help you find an item or a deal. Being able to add a fun twist or element of discovery along the way is the holy grail for these apps.

Keep it going. Before investing in development, think about the shelf life of the platform. Will it offer customers a consistently rewarding experience? Can it scale into a real business or brand driver over time? One-and-done experiences can be expensive and confusing for consumers, ultimately costing you their trust.

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Optimize Your Seasonal Campaigns With Google Shopping Camapigns


Are you gearing up to optimize your campaigns for Holiday season.

Google Shopping campaigns are an effective way to maximize and optimize your holiday season marketing with seasonal campaigns targeting the mobile shopper. Mobile has led the way in increasing impressions for last holiday season with Q4 impressions increasing by 70 percent in Q4 2013. Google Shopping campaigns with its mobile segmentation can now enable a separate queue for mobile with the mobile attribute and specifically designed mobile landing pages to target by device ownership to optimize your mobile marketing. This is highly important to drive conversions for your site as 38 % of all website traffic is now mobile.

To help you plan your Shopping Campaign for the holidays here are some key steps and tools Shared by Google.
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