Snickers Crisper Launches Hunger Innovations


Snickers Hunger Innovations Campaign, introduces an all new take on satisfying Hunger. Snickers and BBDO have created a new advertising campaign introducing merchandise that can help satisfy hunger. The new products that set apart the Snickers Crisper campaign are being retailed on eBay, and the campaign creative introduces the product in the same format as the eBay. Punching pillow for when you’re angry and sleepy (angreepy), the tissue box swear jar for when you’re sad and vulgar (sulgar) and the Astro Tiara, for when you’re a spacey princess (sprincess). The campaign for Snickers “Hunger keeps inventing new problems, so we invented new Snickers Crisper.”


In a video creative format, designed to take advantage of Facebook’s Auto Play the brand introduces slang such as Angreepy and Slad to engage users, with a tonality that is bizzare as the rest of the campaign.

Snickers’ Advertising Mirrors The Classic For Super Bowl 50


SNICKERS global, award-winning, “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign created by BBDO New York, has a new addition to the successful advertising series. The newest commercial spot for the brand gives Super Bowl fans a taste of what one of Hollywood’s most iconic and recognizable moments would have looked like, if Marilyn Monroe felt hungry. In the all-new 30-second commercial staged to mirror the classic 1955 film “The Seven Year Itch,”which starred Marilyn Monroe, a hungry version of the blonde bombshell transforms into a cranky version of herself, played by legendary actor Willem Dafoe. The starlet is only transformed back into her seductive self after she receives a SNICKERS bar to satisfy her hunger. The commercial also includes comedy mainstay Eugene Levy in the role of a stage hand who’s charged with the task of making Marilyn Monroe’s dress flap in the wind above a subway grate during the movie’s most iconic scene.

Marilyn“I have to admit playing a Hollywood bombshell is a new challenge for me,” said Dafoe. “But as a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a walk in her shoes and famous white dress.” As per the Press Release, “Super Bowl 50 is a celebration of this game’s amazing history, so we wanted to bring our A-game with a new ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ commercial that’s appropriately epic,” said Allison Miazga-Bedrick, SNICKERS Brand Director. “It doesn’t get much bigger – or better – than combining one of the most legendary moments in movie history from the iconic Marilyn Monroe with some modern-day icons of our own. We’re confident fans will be satisfied.”

SnickersSNICKERS, which is an official NFL sponsor, has a rich history of advertising during the Super Bowl. The brand debuted the very first “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” commercial featuring Betty White during Super Bowl XLIV in 2010, scoring big with fans and media and turning the campaign into an immediate success. Since then, SNICKERS has featured dozens of celebrities and athletes around the world as part of the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign, including Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi in a “Brady Bunch”-themed commercial in 2015.

The new ad is part of a fully integrated 360 campaign to reinforce the brand’s connection to hunger satisfaction before, during, and beyond Super Bowl 50. According to AdAge Snickers will buy  one 30 second spot airtime during the game.

Snickers’ Super Bowl 50 Teaser Satisfies


MarilynsnickersSnickers  teaser ad for the Super Bowl 50 campaign wishes Mr Super Bowl a Happy 50th Birthday. The teaser ad has a funny take on iconic Happy Birthday Mr. President sung by Marilyn Monroe, with a tagline “The Blonde Bombshell Is Back”. The spot opens to a loud cheering from the audience, followed by Marilyn Monroe lookalike performing in a grave voice to a disgruntled audience. The ad spot seems to be a continuation of “You’re not you, when you are hungry” campaign.

According to AdAge, Snickers teaser for the spot that will air in the big game, a hungry Marilyn Monroe prepares to reprise her iconic “Happy Birthday” performance to celebrate the Super Bowl’s 50th anniversary, but with a far less seductive voice.

“Since we’re kicking-off the ’50’ celebration of one of the world’s most iconic events it seemed only fitting to cast Marilyn Monroe, a Hollywood icon with global appeal, to help us celebrate,” said Allison Miazga-Bedrick, director, Snickers Brand. “But this is just a small glimpse of what America should expect from Snickers on Super Bowl Sunday. As always the ad will feature a funny surprise that we’re confident will satisfy fans hungry for a laugh.”

The commercial was created by BBDO New York. It will run in the first quarter of the Super Bowl on Feb. 7, 2016, airing live on CBS.


Snickers has earlier launched a no purchase necessary Facebook contest “Make Super Bowl even Sweeter” for Super Bowl fans and has created a digital experience where a MEME generator lets the user identify their “Hunger” personality.

Five Social Media Campaigns For 2015 And Key Lessons For Brand Marketers

Brand Marketers looking at social media channels, to promote their brands can benefit from the social media strategy followed by  five brands, with engaging contests, partnerships, product launches and newer customer experiences to create significant buzz.
Seasonal Product Launch

Oreo’s limited editions launched through the year to time the launch with different seasons, has created an epochal social media buzz for the brand. The newest addition is the “Pumpkin Spice Flavor”, with an Instagram caption

There’s a fall bite in the air. That means Pumpkin Spice Flavored Oreo cookies are here. Get munching.

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