Eight Steps to your Brand’s Mobile Engagement Strategy


neilsensocialappConsumption patterns show that more time is already spent in mobile apps than browsing the web. Future in-app advertising spend will be driven by far greater use of rich media. Rich media ads and even mobile video will draw consumers into highly engaging brand experiences.

Source: Millward Brown 10 Digital Predictions 2013

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Six Mobile Apps Marketing Mistakes


MobileIMBased on discussions with numerous mobile app marketers, the top Mobile Apps Marketing mistakes outlined by a Mobile Apps Solutions provider are:

1. Relying on Traditional Marketing Vehicles

2. Not Tracking and Optimizing Marketing efforts Real-time

3. Ignoring Post-download Events

4. Lack of a Defined App Brand Plan

5. Lack of Apps Marketing Success Metrics

6. Lack of Traffic-Generation with the Right Audiences

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Content Marketing for the Mobile Shopper


Mobile Search has becoming increasingly important and could lead to significant impact on buyer decision. An Infographic shared below illustrates the point effectively.


We’d like to hear from you the type of content that you find most engaging on Mobile Devices.


Engage your mobile shopper real-time with apps


MobileIMCustomers use a mix of Mobile shopping apps and Mobile browsers to research the products before they buy. Customers look for product information as well as the information on retailers they can buy it from. “Apps can impact decision Making as 20 – 40 % consumers had not decided on what they were looking for. More than 40 % Browsers became Buyers across categories, 30 % of Smartphone users click on ads, 20 % on tablets Ads that are most effective are locally relevant.” – Source Nielsen Research, xAd and Telmetrics

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