Taco Bell Introduces Morning Value Menu At $1

Taco Bell is pitching a choice of 10 products, with the Breakfast for a  Dollar “Morning Value” menu. “While dollar menus disappear across America, Taco Bell is continuing to reinvent breakfast with delicious and unique menu items only Taco Bell can provide, with 10 items for $1 each,” said Marisa Thalberg, the company’s chief marketing […]

Atypical Super Bowl 50 Advertising

Budweiser’s Safe Driving Advice Commercial Budweiser, that has earlier released a campaign for NFL playoffs with the messaging Act Like It, has a message for Super Bowl fans. The commercial 60 second spot featuring Dame Helen Lydia Mirren has a message that warns the audiences about drunk driving. Setting the message apart from, the typical […]

Taco Bell Rolls Out New Brand Experience “Ta.co”

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Taco Bell has rolled out a new In-line and online, Brand Experience for customers with the launch of ta.co, which it has termed it as the brand’s Flagship virtual restaurant which allows customers to customize the menu, view nutrition facts and place and pay for their order in advance. Ta.co has been designed with millennials as the core target audience, with rich media images. According to the press release Ta.co gives consumers the keys to Taco Bell kitchen the way consumers want it – On Mobile, Laptops Desktop and Tablets.

Print“Innovation has always been a part of Taco Bell’s core, and ta.co is our latest promise to make the brand accessible whenever, where ever and however consumers want it,” said Taco Bell CEO, Brian Niccol. “At Taco Bell, we’re rooted in delivering delicious, craveable and affordable Mexican-inspired food. We use technology, design and a heavy dose of creativity to deliver on that promise, all while making our brand more relevant to digital savvy customers.” The new website Ta.Co is a step ahead of the app “Live-Mas” that was launched earlier that allows for customization of the menu.

Taco Bell Vice President of digital innovation and on demand compares the use of new web address to a more resonant way od ordering comparing it to an Emoji, “It’s like using an emoji,” Lieberman said, noting that the full www.tacobell.comURL will also bring users to the same website. “We think ease is the new loyalty.”

With about 5 million users visiting the website each month, the company’s goal was to bring them the same elevated experience the app offers, which will ultimately redefine the e-commerce experience for quick service, Lieberman said.
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Five Social Media Campaigns For 2015 And Key Lessons For Brand Marketers

Brand Marketers looking at social media channels, to promote their brands can benefit from the social media strategy followed by  five brands, with engaging contests, partnerships, product launches and newer customer experiences to create significant buzz.
Seasonal Product Launch

Oreo’s limited editions launched through the year to time the launch with different seasons, has created an epochal social media buzz for the brand. The newest addition is the “Pumpkin Spice Flavor”, with an Instagram caption

There’s a fall bite in the air. That means Pumpkin Spice Flavored Oreo cookies are here. Get munching.

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