Five Steps For Influence Led Marketing Campaigns


Building Influence in your audiences’ content eco-system, can increase the purchase intent for your products with Expert Content, Branded Content and User Generated Content. As high as 67 percent of shoppers purchased a gift they found on Social Media.

According to research shared on Forbes,
Consumer engages with 11.4 pieces of content prior to making a purchase (Forrester)
Consumers are 5x more dependent on content than they were 5 years ago. (Nielsen)

Expert Content, Branded Content and User Generated Content has an impact on both upper and lower funnel metrics:

Brand Awareness: Expert content had an 88 percent greater impact than brand-owned content and 50 percent better than user-generated reviews.

Brand Affinity: Expert content had a 50 percent greater impact than brand-owned content and a 20 percent better response than user reviews.

Purchase Intent: Expert content lifted intent over brand-owned content by 38 percent and 83 percent over user reviews.

According to  a report published by Contently based on research from TheShelf, Influencers yield the highest return for Branded Content published.

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The Fifteen Digital Marketing Components For Brand Success


starbucksPlanning your Brand Campaigns can become better if you have a go-to Market or Marketing strategy that chalks-out how you plan to take your brand forward digitally for the remainder of 2015.

While some brands may rely on reach or build in  rewards within their existing app or apps, as an  advertiser or a brand marketer you may like to go in for a high resonance strategy to emotionally engage your audience.

Here is an Infographic that lists the components that are critical for your Brand’s Digital Marketing Success.





Twitter Introduces App Category Targeting and Insights for App Categories


AppcategorytargetingTwitter has made it easier for App publishers to target audiences based on the App category that the targeted audiences are most likely to engage with in addition to keyword, location and language targeting already available.

Fom comScore research we know that majority of App time is spent on 4-5 leading apps, thereby making app category targeting important for new launches and app category targeting can lower the costs of acquisition campaigns. The challenge however remains in Twitters’ ability to determine the apps most used by the target audience for advertisers to reach the best audience i.e. most likely to install and use the app.

Twitter has added insights that can help you target specific categories and target audiences for app categories that yield the strongest install rates and lowest cost per install, and use this data to target high performing app categories in future campaigns.

Key Takeaways for App Advertisers

App Category Targeting for Mobile App Promotions can increase your reach with engaged users for a certain App Category.

App Category insights can help boost ROI of your campaign.

App Category Targeting can also be great for seasonal strategy where users are most likely  looking for best deals or release of new  offers and Apps.

Combining App Category Targeting with Audience Insights can help you identify offers that are best suited for your Target,

Releasing limited edition rewards can help increase App engagement with your  Target Audience.

Introducing native apps targeted at categories where audiences are looking for entertainment can help create better engagement and loyal users.

Shop Now Call to Action For Facebook Pages and Buy Now Promoted Tweets Boost Social Commerce





As announced by Facebook earlier, the Call-To-Action button for pages with the seven different calls-to-action has started rolling out. The different CTAs available are:

Book Now
Contact Us
Use App
Play Game
Shop Now
Sign Up
Watch Video

Though Social networks play a large role in being a referral source for driving online commerce, however with direct call to action, it may be possible for brands to ascertain the direct impact of the network in influencing purchases, as in the case of Apps that are now considered an online sales channel.

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