Coca-Cola’s New Campaign #ThatsGold Focuses on Fans

Coca Cola’s Global marketing Campaign #ThatsGold makes fans into active participants for the Olympic games. Taking “Taste the feeling” campaign idea further Coke has woven a visually appealing montage of earlier Olympics footage, to emotionally connect with fan encouraging them to share their Gold moments. “Gold is a feeling anyone can taste,” said Rodolfo Echeverria, […]

Seven Ways To Basket The Easter Content

Brand Content that evokes an emotion with your audience, is most likely to be shared. Brand campaigns that visually engage audiences are seen to resonate better on social networks. Here are seven ways to make your campaigns work in achieving your brand goals. Create a campaign that requires audiences to interact with Emojis for your […]

Snickers Crisper Launches Hunger Innovations

Snickers Hunger Innovations Campaign, introduces an all new take on satisfying Hunger. Snickers and BBDO have created a new advertising campaign introducing merchandise that can help satisfy hunger. The new products that set apart the Snickers Crisper campaign are being retailed on eBay, and the campaign creative introduces the product in the same format as […]

Buick Cascada’s Game Day Commercial

Buick Cascada’s Game Day Commercial titled “The Big Game Meets The Big Day” successfully creates hype for the Buick Cascada convertible. The spot opens on the wedding scene with the bouquet toss and the  guests diving and jumping on the bouquet of flowers. The car featured in the spot is a convertible and after Emily […]