Coca-Cola’s New Campaign #ThatsGold Focuses on Fans


Coca Cola’s Global marketing Campaign #ThatsGold makes fans into active participants for the Olympic games. Taking “Taste the feeling” campaign idea further Coke has woven a visually appealing montage of earlier Olympics footage, to emotionally connect with fan encouraging them to share their Gold moments. “Gold is a feeling anyone can taste,” said Rodolfo Echeverria, vice president of global creative at The Coca-Cola Company. “This creative draws a parallel between the gold moments these amazing athletes experience at the Olympics and the everyday moments of joy and uplift we all share with friends and family while drinking a Coca-Cola. From passing an exam, to getting your dad’s car keys for the first time, to celebrating a friend’s birthday — anything can be a gold moment as long as it’s spontaneous and authentic.”

Featuring celebrated moments from the earlier Olympic games footage, #ThatsGold is an extension of One Brand Strategy for Coke bringing out, products Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light/Diet, Coca-Cola Zero or a Coca-Cola Life, with a unique storytelling approach. The campaign featuring print ad and Outdoor is being rolled out in 50 countries. The Video creative comprises of three video vignettes produced in partnership with NBC will feature 20 Olympians including Morgan, Eaton, McFadden, Manzano, Liukin and Adrian. The Video vignettes feature narratives and clips from the Athletes, that bring out the feelings of winning a Gold, marking a # ThatsGold moment.

User generated content as a key engagement tactic, for the photo contest, is aimed at instilling a sense of participation with the Teens to share their #ThatsGold moment. The brand is counting on the campaign for activation for the variants. “The Rio Olympics are a huge milestone activation for us this year,” said Ivan Pollard, senior vice president of strategic marketing, Coca-Cola North America. “In addition to #ThatsGold, five of our stills brands – POWERADE, Minute Maid, vitaminwater, ZICO and Core Power – are partnering with select athletes on their own campaigns. This is perhaps our biggest-ever portfolio play at the Olympics… we look forward to seeing the value each brand will get from our association with the IOC and USOC.”

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Coca-Cola is going with an Influencer marketing and consumer activation focus. According to the Press release, “Coca-Cola Olympic Station in Rio’s Praca Maua neighbourhood will serve as an official hangout for teens to experience the Games on their terms with live music, athlete appearances, high-tech activations and, of course, ice-cold Coca-Cola. The renovated train depot also will house the Coca-Cola Rio 2016 newsroom, where a hand-picked group of global and bloggers and social media influencers will partner with Coke’s real-time marketing team to create and distribute Games-time content that defines what #ThatsGold means to them.”

Seven Ways To Basket The Easter Content


Brand Content that evokes an emotion with your audience, is most likely to be shared. Brand campaigns that visually engage audiences are seen to resonate better on social networks. Here are seven ways to make your campaigns work in achieving your brand goals.

Create a campaign that requires audiences to interact with Emojis for your brand. Create  Tweets with the emoji that remind audiences about all that symbolizes Easter such as the bunny Ears.

Share DIY tips for Easter decor as can be seen from Kohl’s tweet about folding napkins with Bunny ears.


Create a digital experience with Easter theme as can be seen from My M&M’s that lets you create a seasonal pack, with a special offer.


Walmart has launched a special edition of helpful hacks that has handy tips for getting Easter preparations in order in a short time. With the video creative on YouTube that links to DIY ideas for Easter, Walmart offers a full spectrum content experience.

Highlight any unique products and How-To video content with appropriate tags and Keywords, such as Easter, Haul and Product reviews for audiences to discover the content.


Design your social media posts with creative that cues the celebrations within a context such as an Easter basket or bunny ears.

Start an Easter photo contest, inviting users to share their images with your product. Apparel brands can invite users to dress up in their favorite Easter costume. Home Decor brands can create a contest to share images of Easter brunch table decor with their family. To engage users for your brand you could create DIY contest where users are required to share images of your product with an Easter theme.
Morrison’s Florist Egg hunt asks users to look for a hidden egg among the baskets that are featured in a Tweet.


Snickers Crisper Launches Hunger Innovations


Snickers Hunger Innovations Campaign, introduces an all new take on satisfying Hunger. Snickers and BBDO have created a new advertising campaign introducing merchandise that can help satisfy hunger. The new products that set apart the Snickers Crisper campaign are being retailed on eBay, and the campaign creative introduces the product in the same format as the eBay. Punching pillow for when you’re angry and sleepy (angreepy), the tissue box swear jar for when you’re sad and vulgar (sulgar) and the Astro Tiara, for when you’re a spacey princess (sprincess). The campaign for Snickers “Hunger keeps inventing new problems, so we invented new Snickers Crisper.”


In a video creative format, designed to take advantage of Facebook’s Auto Play the brand introduces slang such as Angreepy and Slad to engage users, with a tonality that is bizzare as the rest of the campaign.

Buick Cascada’s Game Day Commercial


Buick Cascada’s Game Day Commercial titled “The Big Game Meets The Big Day” successfully creates hype for the Buick Cascada convertible. The spot opens on the wedding scene with the bouquet toss and the  guests diving and jumping on the bouquet of flowers. The car featured in the spot is a convertible and after Emily snags the bouquet and the guests exclaim, the bride and groom drive off leaving the guests gasping that the convertible is a Buick.  The commercial features Odell Beckham, Jr. of the New York Giants and actress Emily Ratajkowski. The duo is at a wedding where Emily catches the bride’s bouquet in Odell’s signature one-handed style. The groomsmen remark, “She Odelled it!” A jealous Odell claims that Emily was out-of-bounds just before he catches the bouquet himself – tossed to him by a triumphant Emily.

The brand advertisement during the Super Bowl is an attempt to position Buick as the Car for the younger audiences with the voice-over, “Yes it’s Buick”.