Programmatic Advertising Gets A Local Boost and Key Takeaways For Advertisers


ProgrammaticAccording to eMarketer, the growth in programmatic local spend is going to increase multi-fold, with share of local digital ad spend in the US is likely to increase from 4.7 percent to 10 percent or USD 5 billion, being programmatic ad spend in 2015. By 2019, 61 percent of local digital advertisng spend, or USD 47 billion, is expected to be programmatic buy.

According to BIA Kelsey, Location targeted mobile ad spend will grow from USD 4.3 billion in 2014 to USD 18.2 billion in 2019. That equals about a third of overall mobile ad revenues, growing to 42 percent by 2019. Though the mobile revenues projected by the eMarketer research are on the higher side, the Ad Spend on mobile is going to make up for 70 percent of all US Digital advertising spend in 2018.


Retail, Financial services, Telecom and Travel are the Top Advertising Verticals making up for more than two-thirds of all mobile advertising spend. Retail accounts for 23 percent of all mobile advertising spend and 51 percent of the category ad spend is on mobile.

According to BIA Kelsey, US location-based ad targeting is likely to grow at 34 percent CAGR, with consumers seeking more location-based information and indicating a higher purchase intent for campaigns that build in location.

Key Takeaways For Publishers and Advertisers

FBMobilecostsFacebook Advertising Costs

As Programmatic and Local-intent mobile ad share grows with premium ad rates,  advertisers will seek options that  yield higher conversions for campaigns. Programmatic advertising will deliver for retargeting campaigns that have the location data built into the campaign in addition to other targeting options.

Location is the primary motivation for high purchase intent as seen from the research shared by IPG Lab, thereby making it imperative for brand advertisers to look at programmatic for media-buys with location for improved ROI on mobile campaigns.

At the same time publishers that deliver on campaign performance rates. (i.e., CTRs, phone calls, store visits) are likely to be preferred over advertising options that deliver  only on impressions, thus CTR is a more important metric to deliver for than CPM. At the same time for advertisers CPA and CPE are important metrics.

With the increased CPC for mobile performance programmatic buys for display advertising campaigns needs to build in higher relevance with context, immediacy for conversions and alignment with consumer local buying intent.

Source: BIA Kelsey, eMarketer & SalesForceSocial

The Importance Of Mobile Creative


MobileeffectMobile creative is increasingly important as mobile campaigns are found to be more effective, with shoppers increasing using mobile InStore with a high incidence of both Mobile App and Browser usage. Nearly 22 percent of Shoppers access social networks on Smartphones while shopping InStores. The use of devices varies with Smartphones being the leading device that is used throughout the day, while Tablets are more popular for entertainment content.



Mobile Video Ads has been found to be the most engaging ad format with over 650 percent higher engagement for the retail category. Here are some foundations for a successful Video campaign shared by Millward Brown.

Entice and Intrigue – The story should entice the consumer to want to find out more about the story without telling the whole story.

Create an Emotional Connect – Tell the brand story to make consumers feel for your brand by engaging them with the characters in the story or any aspect that will make audiences feel for your product or brand.
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Facebook Exchange Ads Revenue Boost Display



Facebook Exchange Ads and Facebook Ads have boosted Revenue for Display Advertising with a   15.4 % growth in eCPM.

According to Global Audience Report published by Turn,

“Top Advertisers continue to drive Facebook Exchange Ads, which attracted USD 0.45 eCPM in Q3 vs USD 0.39 eCPM in Q2. The eCPM for Facebook Advertising has been up by 87 % YTD.”

Overall Display Ad impressions eCPM continue to increase in Q3 2013 from Q2 2013, with Global impression volume remaining stable.

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Global Digital Audience and Channel Insights From Turn’s Global Digital Audience Report


The Turn Digital Audience study from Jan-March 2013 has unravelled insights into the world’s most valuable digital audience for different advertising channels: social, video, display and mobile.

As brands and agencies work with technology providers to drive cross-channel marketing initiatives, global digital advertising spend continues to grow, and is projected to reach $113 billion this year. And much of that spend will go to automated and data-driven advertising, delivering maximum scale and ROI to marketers. A recent IDC report estimates that by 2016, worldwide real-time-bidding (RTB) spend will increase to $13.9 billion and the “big data” market will grow to $23.8 billion.

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