Digital Engagement For Brands Creates Positive Social Buzz With The Movies


A Study by 4C Insights has measured the Affinity, Engagement and Ad Score based on advertising during the Oscars that gave a brand lift for affinity and created a positive social buzz as reported by AdWeek. Digital engagement for Brands created a  social media buzz and engagement while increasing the audience reach.


Brand A

Engagement Timeline

 Dove: 29,250 mentions, 91 percent positive

Coke: ­ 12,600 social mentions, 28 percent positive

Samsung: ­ 11,502 social mentions, 23 percent positive

McDonalds: ­ 6,075 social mentions, 17 percent positive

For advertisers, looking at building on the social buzz and targeting the audience with new campaigns or advertising, a product from Affinity Answers TV Ad Exposure segments target the users or fans of the show who engaged with your brand – after seeing the brand’s ad on TV. These segments target a dynamic, new TV audience wherever they are, by identifying their digital website affinities and reaching them on these sites with Dynamic Ad Serving. TV Ad Exposure segments increase conversions by leveraging the social buzz with your TV advertising.

The flip side for the engagement of moviegoers with movies Digital plays a role with engagement being high for moviegoers who will take action on an ad that they saw for the movie they are interested in.

In a report by Nielsen while 53 percent of moviegoers show interest in Movie ads shown on TV a large percentage, nearly 75 percent would click on the ad, and 81 percent would search for more information about the movie with online ads.


Hashtags Boost Movies Engagement on Twitter and Instagram #TheInterview



According to Reuters, “The Interview,” a Sony Pictures film about a fictional plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, opened in more than 300 movie theaters across the United States on Christmas Day, drawing many sell-out audiences and statements by patrons that they were championing freedom of expression. After much controversy surrounding the release of the film, the movie is now available on YouTube and Google Play for all viewers of the United States. Here are some initial Tweets, for audiences tuning in.

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@Totally Not There – Taco Bell Launches App


Taco Bell  launched an APP that let’s you customize your order, Browse the Menu and select a pick-up method when you arrive and check-out with a credit card. The app also includes a feature dubbed “rotate to reorder,” which pulls up past orders when a phone is held horizontally.  The messaging for the campaign is ” Customers can now order tacos, burritos and chalupas from the chain’s new mobile app.” A social media stunt with no messaging on Taco Bell’s Social Media Accounts and a twitter handle of @Totally not there, created astronomical buzz for the app.

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Creating Brand Connect On Instagram


Brands are using visual content for engaging audience, encouraging fans to share images.

Applebee’s beeafantographer Instagram campaign is an effort that encourages audiences to share their images. In a dedicated brand website, Applebee’s has asked fans to upload the images with a hashtag for featuring the image.

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