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Planning Your Holiday Season Campaign For Mobile Moments


Planning your Holiday season campaign for Mobile moments, requires brands to be ready with campaigns that target users for different moments that they are most likely to use their Smartphones and mobile devices for.

Targeting audiences for different campaign goals such as brand awareness, Engagement, Preference or Loyalty, brands need to prepare the mobile play for each moment. The Mobile Moments that are likely to occur in consumers path to purchase can be broadly defined as Moment of Discovery, Moment of Engagement, Moment of Interaction, Moment of Transaction, Moment of Loyalty and Moment of Depth. Brands that are looking at combining awareness, with engagement can follow Amazon’s approach of using social media posts for Moments of engagement, while making audiences aware about your products. Here is an infographic for different moments and ad campaign tactics for Mobile Moments.


Key Holiday Season Shopping Trends and Infographic


National Retail Foundation is projecting 2015 holiday sales to rise 3.7 percent, reaching USD 630.5 Billion dollars, of which USD 105 Billion Dollars is going to be online sales.  Retailers report seeing more than 20 percent of sales being generated in the last 61 Days with Jewelry stores stating as high as 26 percent of the sales are generated during the holiday season. On average Holiday Shopping has seen an upward trend, with Holiday shoppers in 2014 spending an average of USD 802 on gifts, decorations, food and more, compared to USD 767 spent in 2013. Mobile sales reached a new high of 27 percent of online retail sales.
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Mobcr TGD Offers

Research shows that free shipping at 86 percent is the most sought after offer from retailers, after price-offs, According to Shop.org’s 2014 e-Holiday Survey  92 percent of retailers surveyed form of free standard shipping during the holiday season with guaranteed Christmas delivery. Among consumers looking for Holiday season Deals 25 Million Consumers stated they would use Mobile only for shopping on Cyber Monday. It,s not surprising that 58 percent of marketers increasing spend on Mobile are planning to invest advertising dollars in paid search to drive mobile shopping (52 percent), mobile email optimization (46 percent) and paid search to drive store shopping (37 percent).
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Holiday Marketing Campaigns And Social Media Engagement Tactics


According to NRF’s annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, Target was selected by consumers for their favorite holiday TV commercial in 2014 , slightly better than Walmart — 25 percent and 24 percent, respectively. The Christmas commercial that has garnered maximum views is John Lewis Commercial #MontyThePenguin.

Walmart created a Holiday Hub for Christmas engaging the shoppers with a video strategy that gave shoppers money saving and timely tips through the holiday season. At the same time it partnered with Coca-Cola for a commercial “Earn It” that engendered the spirit of giving.

Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy were the top choices for email marketing and digital promotions. John Lewis christmas campaign was liked for consumer engagement with a story-telling app and content that showcased an experience.

John Lewis backed up the commercial with content marketing effort making it the most viewed Christmas commercial in the first 24 hours. The commercial was released on Twitter after a huge buzz was generated with the conversation surrounding the new commercial.



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