Programmatic Creative And Five Steps For Personalized Mobile Advertising Campaign


programmaticcreativeAccording to Celtra, an Ad Tech firm, that has added Programmatic Creative to the ad creator platform, “Programmatic Creative aims to bridge the gap between cookieless mobile environments and the desktop, and to enable advertisers to run dynamically customized audience-specific creatives and match them with targeted audiences”. With programmatic creative brands can optimize the creative to target audiences better with a set of creatives depending on the rules defined by the advertiser.

Programmatic Creative and Dynamic Campaign optimization can help you deliver personalization at scale by mapping the user data to a specific creative or message based on the user profile.

Facebook and LiveRail  have earlier announced a partnership to serve ads in a native format that uses the InApp inventory available through Live Rail from a host of Publishers, combined with Facebook’s targeting capabilities.

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Location Based Targeting Key For Retail Campaign Success



With the rising influence of digital – online and mobile interaction on offline shopping behavior, retailers are looking at ways to increasingly weave the mobile shopper journey in the retail experiences they seek to provide and the rising influence of smartphones in consumer journey, retailers are looking at ways to engage consumers on mobile.

According to research, Reality in Retail, Mobile is the way to shop in-store with 75 percent of shoppers using their phones while shopping. The other highlights are :

  • 53 percent of shoppers prefer to research products in-store.
  • 56 percent of shoppers still think advertising is important to their purchase decision in-store.
  • Only 12 percent of shoppers feel the in-store sales associate is an important touch-point in a purchase decision.
  • Only 46 percent of shoppers who use loyalty programs consider the programs to be important in their decision to purchase.
  • 71 percent  of shoppers who use loyalty programs still use their mobile devices for price comparisons in-store.


The Walgreens App is used by an estimated 55 percent of consumers while roaming the drugstore chain’s aisles. In addition to supporting its 100 million-member Balance Rewards loyalty program, Walgreens is testing iBeacon technology at some of its New York stores, and found that those who are targeted by iBeacon are more than 16 times more likely to use its app in-stores, which in turn increases basket size.

walgreens3According to Flurry Analytics, time spent on retail apps represents 86 percent of time spent on the Mobile web.

Time apps
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Yelp Trends To Stay Tuned To The Local Buzz



“Hair extensions peaked with Londoners in 2008, bobs were hottest in late 2009, and fringe saw a spike at the beginning of 2014”
Local businesses can now keep up with local trends with Yelp Trends.

Yelp Trends can help you target customers by gaining insights with Yelp trends in business across 98 cities in 20 countries.

What’s unique about Yelp trends is that the trends are based on reviews provided by customers. This is a rich information source as there are over 57 Million reviews on Yelp.
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Yelp introduces direct messaging


Marketing has an all new meaning for business owners and local search apps.

Customers can now message the business directly from “Message the business owner” option in the local business’ listing.  The option gives customers an additional means to gain information over and above the reviews.

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