Answered: Your Burning Questions About Five Ways To Score At Olympics


Mobile devices make for 65 percent of all viewers for the Olympic games content, and YouTube viewers watched over 23,000 years of content in the last one year for the four most popular sports, athletics, gymnastics, diving and swimming and volley ball. For mobile NBC has a pop-up Snapchat Discover channel, planned during  the Rio Olympics. YouTube plans to  live stream video with 15 creators, signed up exclusively for the games.

Social Media sites are the popular go-to source for all conversations surrounding Key Sports highlights as seen for other major sporting events. The brand conversation surrounding Olympics, as tracked by Origami Logic has brought in 7.75 Million social media actions across the four major social networks. The initial tracking reports indicate that the top five brands leading in engagement are  Nike with 3 million likes, shares and other interactions. Under Amour followed at No. 2 with 2 million; Adidas with 2 million; Dick’s Sporting Goods with 164,000; and Ralph Lauren with 157,000.

Brand Olympics

Among the advertising campaigns the top scorers are  Always #LikeAGirl—Keep Playing, from the creative agency Leo Burnett, Minute Maid #doingood I See What U.S. Olympian Missy Franklin Has To Say from the creative Agency Doner and P&G Thank You, Mom from the creative agency Wieden+Kennedy.  Samsung Official TVC created by Leo Burnett and Visa, The Carpool to Rio from BBDO  make it to the ads leaderboard for Olympics, from April- June 2016.

Five Ways For Brands To Score At Olympics
Celebrate Friendship Through Sports

Conversation on Social Networks for Sporting events are for sharing or viewing moments of thrill, excitement and connecting with other sports enthusiasts. Use of characters and brand menmonics  such as Vinicus, the official mascot for Rio Olympics 2016, who is known to combine the agility of cats, the sway of monkeys and the grace of birds, can help audiences connect emotionally. Characterizing your brand campaign for sports lend another dimension to a popular sports theme. Brand identity that leverages the affinity for a sport with characterization brings in increased engagement among sports enthusiasts.



Brands can extend product features with the help of influencers and famous athletes to make the campaign memorable leveraging the influence and fandom of famous athletes.


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Visual Engagement Freebies


Visual posts are the lead engagement tactic on Social Media and creating freebies such as the stickers pack and freebies with a sports theme are a hit with users. Google’s research points out that 90 percent of the users are using Emojis to express their feelings. Users turn to social media for moments of celebrations for leading sports events providing brands an opportunity to engage fans with visuals for moments of victory on social networks.












Search Advertising

Live Video highlights for the Rio Olympics will appear in the search results and YouTube WatchCards, with Google’s exclusive tie-up with broadcast companies including America Movil, BBC and Japan’s NHK in more than 60 countries. Using Search keywords that are likely to make your campaign discovered with the newer features from Google, that are exclusive to the Olympics, according to the Official Google blog:

Discover the event schedule, medal counts, and athlete information in Search
Get results and view TV schedules in 30+ countries
Watch official broadcasters’ event highlights on YouTube in 60+ countries
Explore Rio and venues in Google Maps
Keep up to date with the latest search Trends from around the world


Live Video 

Live Video Highlights offer Brands opportunities to showcase winning moments that bring out the campaign message or brand attributes that foster the bond with your audiences. Visa’s campaign for Olympics “The Carpool to Rio”,  features Athletes as they strike, jump, cycle and swim their way to Olympics. Facebook’s Live Video is key to Visa’s marketing by enlivening the athletes’  stories to bring forth the similarities with the  brand attributes. The campaign’s video posts are used for brand activation with featured partners.





Brand Messaging and Brand Contests

Brands can associate with the games as non-sponsors with inspirational video and messaging. The brand conversation surrounding the message can be integrated with your existing campaign to engage viewers with your Olympics marketing efforts.

Hershey’s contest on Twitter invites users to share the message for Team USA with a Hashtag #HelloFromHome that could be your voice at the Rio Olympics.

Ten Game Changing Content Marketing Trends


Chatbots are the new Content Battlefield

Chatbots are taking over from Apps, according to a Fiksu Study. Teens spend an average of 23 Mins and 23 secs on Messaging Chat. Facebook reports that developers have created more than 11,000 chatbots for its Messenger platform, and Kik — one of the most popular messaging platforms among teens — unveiled 6,000 new chatbots.

Brands, have integrated bots in Shopping Experience that offer advice on choosing products. Integrating AI and APIs for Retail apps can enhance the shopping experience with user-friendly chat interfaces and expert advice.

Messaging Apps And Instant Content

Facebook Messenger has made  content publishing instant with Facebook Messenger where Publishers can publish articles on messenger. Messaging Apps can power publisher’s stories with instant audience reactions. For brands engaging users with via publishers posts can get the audiences respond live to a story.

Brands are going a step further encouraging customers to chat real-time on messaging apps.


Live Streaming Becomes Native to Mobile Apps

YouTube makes live streaming native to the mobile app. According to the blog, YouTube mobile live streaming will be baked right into the core YouTube mobile app. You won’t need to open anything else, just hit the big red capture button right there in the corner, take or select a photo to use as a thumbnail, and you can broadcast live to your fans and chat in near real-time.

Live Video and Streaming Content Genres 

Twitter signs up with Pac-12 network to live stream sports events after a deal signed earlier with CBS News to live stream the Democratic and Republic Convention.”By expanding our digital footprint, Pac-12 Plus also allows us to connect more fans with more, live Pac-12 sports content through a platform they use every day.”

VR Experience Becomes Real


Samsung and NBC team up for Virtual Reality experience linked to the Olympic games, by allowing Viewers to view the games footage in VR  after a few weeks. According to Venture Beat, NBC has revealed that the NBC Sports app will work in conjunction with Samsung Galaxy devices and the Samsung Gear VR to broadcast 85 hours of virtual reality programming. This will include both the opening and closing ceremonies, men’s basketball, gymnastics, beach volleyball, boxing, diving, fencing, and a host of track-and-field events.

Channels that are preferred by users for accessing VR Content.



For content marketers the video footage that is live streamed can now be a more engaging content format with Virtual Reality.

Location Listings for Pokestops makes AR Relevant

Adding Yelp Listings to Pokemon Go made AR gaming more relevant. Introducing listings and reviews for an AR experience, can increase the engagement for your Brand.

Adding listings for your mobile app or a customer experience in a Review app increases traffic, in a more engaging content format.



Emoji Power Takes Over  Branding

Diney’s Emoji Blitz game for iOS and Android, has over 400 character Emojis. Each Character Emoji has special powers that allow users to choose the Character Emoji. Building on Disney characters the Emoji centric game builds on the character brand defining new way for users to connect with their favorite characters.

Pepsi used Emojis for the World Emoji day celebration with Emoji filter on Snapchat and an Emoji keyboard update timed for the World Emoji day.



SVOD Matches DVR Penetration


Subscription based Video On Demand matches the DVR penetration in the US Households. Users want to control the content they watch, with increased sign-ups for subscription services. As high as 30 percent have access to SVOD and DVR. According to Nielsen Research report, “SVOD penetration has been rising steadily over the past year, illustrating that viewers have a continued desire to control what they watch and when they watch it. And in many cases, that means more playback options is better. In fact, close to 30 percent of homes have a both DVR and access to SVOD—up nearly 20 percent from last year.”




Mobile Devices Make For More Than 50 Percent of Connected Devices


Smartphone and Tablets are the most popular connected device in the US Households.



Users Pay More Attention To Interactive Content



According to a YuMe and Ipsos poll, 54 percent said they paid more attention to a highly interactive format, like videos with embedded quizzes.

Key Trends In Mobile Advertising


The Key findings from a Mobile Advertising research published by Smaato analyzing over 300 billion impressions for 450 publishing partners, in Q1 2016, showed that Mobile Advertising grew at 89 percent across all regions year over year.

Video Advertising gives the best returns for publishers with growth in Video eCPM being higher by 11 times compared to the image and text ads. The growth in Mobile Advertising revenue on an eCPM basis is the highest for Music Content genre followed by other content genres.


Mobile Advertising has over-indexed for growth in all categories including Music that makes for 59 percent of Mobile advertising revenue. Arts and Entertainment app  makes for nearly half of Global ad spend for the apps.


Music makes for a lion’s share of advertising revenue among other related content pertaining to the arts and entertainment category. Advertising revenue from Celebrity Gossip and Humor linked content contributes to nearly one-fifth of the Mobile Advertising revenue. Among different genres, celebrity gossip was seen popular with younger audiences, while books and literature appeals to a more mature audience.



Mobile Advertising presents a wide growth opportunity with 25 percent of the time spent on Mobile where as Mobile advertising is only at 12 percent of advertising budgets.


Larger Ad sizes make for the best revenue generators with eCPMs for interstitials being at almost three times the eCPM for banner ads. Publishers working with larger ad sized and newer formats for engaging experiences are likely to see better response and view rates.

The Ad sizes popularity varies for different operating systems. For iOS  leaderboard is the most popular ad format, followed by Medium Rectangle. For Android the most popular ad size is Interstitial followed by Medium rectangle.


The Secret Potion For Boosting Your Campaign ROI


Sprite known for music and thirst quenching launched Obey Your Verse Campaign, as a sequel to Obey Your Thirst Campaign. The new campaign is set to lyrical songs that feature new artists and emcees Missy, J. Cole and 2Pac. The campaign has generated high positive sentiment with lyrics and artists that makes for an engaging brand content.

The commercial is set to a young man’s visit to corner store where he opens the cooler to a remix with the popular lyrics. The commercial spot plays on the music craze from popular artists with a social media campaigns that brings forth the influence of artists with their fans.

#ObeyYourVerse campaign features different 16 different lyrics from three artists. Collecting the lyrics on your mobile, can earn your rewards. Earning rewards is easy, as users need to collect the 16 different images of lyrics featured on Sprite cans and 20 Oz bottles to start earning rewards. The rewards program engages users with catchy verses and lyrics without making any purchases. The rewards link to sweepstakes that can earn you free Groceries for a year to a GoPro Hero 4 Silver.




Increase The Viral Impact

As high as 70 percent of the engagement for the campaign is on Twitter with Retweets being majority of the Twitter engagement. More than 5 Million impressions can be linked to social media sites reaching over 1.8 Million users.

With content that has a viral impacts Brands are known to boost ROI by over 2000 percent.


Your Content And Campaign Messaging Evokes An Emotion

The campaign sentiment evaluated as positive or negative is at 95 percent as per the Keyhole calculation that is calculated as percentage of positive over positive and negative.



Create content for your campaign on social networks where your users are most engaged on. The reach increases the engagement with your target audience. use of influencers and User Generated Content brings in better results with higher conversion rate.

Brand Content that goes viral is known to perform on Valence, Arousal and Dominance implying that messaging and content that brings about an emotional response is most likely to be amplified. According to the VAD framework, Valence defines the positive or negative feelings with arousal seen to be ranging from excitement to relaxation, and Dominance ranging from being in control to submission.

While Data Driven approach increases campaign performance for Brand Metrics with Digital Marketing, creating Brand Content that is likely to be shared and amplified increases the campaign ROI.


The emotions for the campaigns are linked to the relaxation and emotions associated with the music that can range from excitement to relaxation. According to a HBR study, the emotions associated with brand content impacts the amplification of message. Most campaigns that go viral are known to score high on emotional valence that can range from excitement to sadness.

Brands with Music themed campaigns strike a chord with different target audience segments inspiring emotions that range from audiences identifying with the artists to plain entertainment with music being one of the key mobile activities.




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