KFC Launches Colonels Road Trip

KFC has launched Colonel’s Road Trip similar to Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade where he visits scenic locations with posts that have a comic-like take on the road trip. Road trips are not new for Colonel Sanders who in  1955, shortly after Colonel Harland Sanders opened the first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, drove cross-country recruiting franchisees. KFC has […]

Facebook Advertising For Brand Storytelling

Brands with a Storytelling approach create a lasting emotional bond with the audiences. Brand Storytelling helps your audiences buy into your brand beyond the direct response to a campaign. Brand Storytelling can further be improved with tools and advertising options that are now available on Facebook such as Video Advertising that allow for links to external sites. Brand Storytelling with Content requires Brands to start a conversation with the targeted audience that helps them relate to products and see the usefulness of the Brand in their lives.

Brand Storytelling differs from Branding which  can be best described as “A distinctive set of characteristics and crafting stories across a variety of mediums that communicate and contextualize those characteristics in unique and immersive ways.” In the context of Social Media it goes beyond simple mnemonics, logo and brand’s visual identity that consumers usually identify your products with on the shelves.

Tactics For Brand Storytelling With Facebook Posts and Advertising


Generate Enthusiasm


Sports event or a sponsorship opportunity allows for brands to tell their story in a way that helps them generate enthusiasm with the audiences, capitalizing on the enthusiasm of the fans and followers, for the event. The brands can use the opportunity to create a connect with their audience with a sponsorship announcement or celebrity endorsement allowing for improved recall with association.

Taking this a step forward would be creating a brand experience that allows for audiences to share their experience or tell their story at the event featuring the brand during the event.

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Remarketing With Video Advertising

Twitter Player Card allows businesses to use video or audio within their tweets. The advertiser or the business can upload a link or upload a  video or audio player to the Tweet so that it will play easily for the person that is viewing it. This card makes it simple for people to view or hear the information and the Ad.

The Tweet can then be promoted with Tailored Audiences to reach the customers who have shown interest in your product or business. 

The retailer may then use this list of Twitter ID’s to create a tailored audience through an ads partner, or use Promoted TweetsPromoted Trends or a Promoted Account and engage the site visitors  with Video Advertising.

Web suite

To create an experience for the Targeted customers, you can further optimize conversions by customizing the Landing Page, as seen for Gap where the Video on the landing page is backed by the Product Feed that allows users to shop the look.

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Promoting Your Business With Facebook Native Video Could Increase Reach By 135 pc

Facebook Native video has the highest organic reach as reported by Social Bakers. With 27 percent of all videos being promoted, compared to 17 percent of photos – Video is more important in reaching the audience.  This implies that your business can increase  organic reach by 135 percent , on average, when you post a video instead of a photo.

Facebook Video
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