Harness the Power of Custom Audiences to Increase Your Campaign’s Reach

postblurbYou are a Retail Brand looking at optimizing your campaigns for  Holiday Season.

You are an established retailer and would like to take your brand to newer markets.

You are an existing brand with a large share of local national market but are aiming for a regional or a global launch. You have decided to go digital first.

You are ready with your campaign and are looking at maximizing returns on your advertising dollar.

Before you decide on the channels and networks as well as the strategy it is important to know that your campaigns are likely to work better in combination.
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Reach Your Best Audiences With Remarketing Campaign on Twitter

twilRemarketing Campaigns can help you target your customers at different stages of the buying cycle. There are nine ways that you could leverage Remarketing campaigns for improved conversions and website visits.


  • Build Brand Awareness for Newly Launched Sites
  • Market to Customers Who Have Already Converted with Special Offers
  • Be the Helpful Salesperson
  • Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Adjust for Seasonality
  • Experiment with Duration Time
  • Segment Ads Based on User Groups
  • Create Custom Landing Pages that Incorporate Your Retargeting Message

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Audience Engagement on Instagram

Katy Perry’s post on Instagram has engaged audience generating over 320000 likes in less than 48 hours. The post coincides with the release of video ” This Is How We Do” which has over 11 million likes in less than a week. Continue reading “Audience Engagement on Instagram”

Social Media Could Sweeten Your Life

Facebook and Twitter can be used effectively to launch a product digitally and in a rare launch Pizza Hut has introduced an all new Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie.
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