Streaming and Branded Digital Properties


Digital Downloads and Streaming for music and Video content has taken over the music sales on Cds, Vinyl, Records and LPs with streaming revenues growing from 21 percent in 2013 to 27 percent of music sales in 2014. TV Viewing  for Millennials is largely on Mobiles with more than 60 percent viewing Video on mobile, presenting advertisers with opportunities for creating newer brand experiences and ways to target audiences.


According to a comScore report, one out of every ten minutes on Mobile is spent on Pandora, and more than 40 percent of time spent on online video for TV viewing and engagement with TV properties is on Mobile.



Data from a report suggests that music brands and bands use Twitter the most for Social Media engagement followed by Instagram, which is growing at a faster rate than Twitter. Facebook remains the preferred network for millennial fan engagement. Universal remains the biggest label with majority of artists with an artist portal that  measures music and video sales, streaming, social media, airplay, merchandising and ticket sales.
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Nissan Celebrates Fathers With #withdad Campaign



NissanNissan for the first time in 18 years will feature an ad in Super Bowl and has released With Dad campaign to celebrate the role of fathers in a family. Seven YouTube stars, including Roman Atwood, Action Movie Kid, Dude Perfect and Jabbawockeez, are creating their own videos around the theme #withdad. And while the videos are all visually different and therefore not illustrative of the Big Game ad, they suggest a unifying theme: how fathers make families more exciting.

According to the copy on YouTube Channel for Nissan, “We recognize the difficult task of balancing work and life for families everywhere. That’s why our #withdad campaign brings this very real struggle to life. #withdad is a celebration of and inspiration for dads who find innovative and exciting ways to make life better for their kids and families. Continue reading

Facebook Media Updates Tools for Publishers


Facebook Media has updated tools for Publishers to enhance the Targeting with improved insights and newer communication channels.


Interest Targeting – This will help publishers target posts to people who are specifically interested in the subject area of the post. For example, a publisher can use Interest Targeting to post a story about a sports game that will only be shown to people that like the teams playing.

This is now available to all Pages that have enabled the Targeting and Privacy setting, and is currently only accessible on desktop.


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#TakeFlight From Twitter


Agencies can now keep up with advertising on Twitter with # TakeFlight from Twitter.

According to the Twitter Advertising Blog, #TakeFlight is a new tool to help agencies plan their campaigns on Twitter. It has been rated well by the initial participants.

Source: Twitter Advertising