Five Ways Businesses Can Use Place Tips With Facebook Beacons

PlaceTipsFacebook is prioritizing Place Tips, a valuable page tool for Businesses, with Facebook Bluetooth Beacons that businesses in the US can sign up for, to connect with their customers.

Businesses can connect with existing and new customers by serving personalized messages to customers when they check-in with their Facebook App at a location.

To serve the customers better Place Tips allow businesses to interact with customers at a location with interesting tips and messaging that helps them find unique information at a location about the brand or the business.

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Shoppers Embrace Local Business offers and Location Based Marketing

According to a research study by Nielsen, for Yelp the key triggers for sales and drivers for retail business the shoppers are enthusiastic about making Gift purchases and Holiday Shopping starts  as early as Thanksgiving. Nearly Eighty percent of the shoppers will prefer to purchase gifts from Local Businesses and as high as 44 percent will start shopping around Thanksgiving. Here’s an interesting infographic for consumer insights generated from the research.


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Campaign Optimization For Always-on Shopping



The Digital Buyer who has an always on approach to shopping in a multi-screen world requires a newer approach for campaign optimization. This is especially true for the holiday season shopping where shoppers are influenced at multiple touch-points before the decision is made.

Social sharing and discovery on social networks plays a critical role with nearly 33 percent of Target Audience turning to Facebook or Twitter for deciding on the purchase and nearly 40 percent looking at emails prior to consideration phase.

Adding to this, is the newest technology addition of Beacons that can connect the audience to availability in store as well as guide them close to the best bargain available in the category of choice. The Beacons are personalized to the extent that it has a possible facial recognition built-in which identifies customers after they walk into the store.

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