Facebook Ads Manager App Makes Campaign Management Easier


In an effort to make mobile ad campaign management easier for the two million businesses using Facebook advertising, Facebook has launched Ads Manager app.

Ads manager app gives marketers more power to manage ads from anywhere. Using the app, marketers can:
  • Track ad performance
  • Edit existing ads
  • Edit ad budgets and schedules
  • Receive push notifications
  • Create ads

Ads Manager App is available for iOS devices in the US and will be available worldwide.The ads manager app for Android is expected to launch it later this year.
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Super Bowl for Small Business

If you are not planning to go with big budget advertising, here are three ideas shared by Small Biz Ahead for how to use the Super Bowl to kick up your company’s marketing and promotion:

Offer Super Bowl-related promotions

Many restaurants and bars want to draw in crowds on Super Bowl Sunday, so they offer deals—whether two-for-one specials or special Game Day packages. But other types of businesses can also come up with intriguing promotions tied to the big event.  The trick is to make your promotion stand out from the pack.

In 2013, when the Baltimore Ravens faced off against the San Francisco 49ers, Gardiners Furniture in Baltimore hosted a special promotion: It promised to refund every customer’s purchase in the few days leading up to the Super Bowl if the Ravens returned a kick for a touchdown during the game. The Ravens did, and Gardiners ended up giving away $600,000 in free furniture.

Though it was a risky (and expensive) bet, Gardiners owner Gary Mullaney—who had purchased a $12,000 insurance policy to cover the losses—told the Baltimore Sun that the free publicity the promotion generated was worth the price tag. “People are hearing about this all over the country,” he said.

Your business doesn’t have to make such a high-priced bet, but it can come up with something unique to get your customers talking—and buying.
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Super Bowl Advertising and Audience Engagement


Brands in the Food and Snacking category have audience engagement techniques that go beyond advertising. The teaser campaign for Snickers promotes a special episode asking viewers to tune in for a show and follow #EataSnickers, with the lead-in for a new ad spot coming soon.

Snickers which is positioned as a complete meal rather than a snack has earlier used the Tagline “Snickers Satisfies” to communicate the properties of hunger filling bar that combines chocolate, nougat and peanuts to make a wholesome food snack.
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Nissan Celebrates Fathers With #withdad Campaign


NissanNissan for the first time in 18 years will feature an ad in Super Bowl and has released With Dad campaign to celebrate the role of fathers in a family. Seven YouTube stars, including Roman Atwood, Action Movie Kid, Dude Perfect and Jabbawockeez, are creating their own videos around the theme #withdad. And while the videos are all visually different and therefore not illustrative of the Big Game ad, they suggest a unifying theme: how fathers make families more exciting.

According to the copy on YouTube Channel for Nissan, “We recognize the difficult task of balancing work and life for families everywhere. That’s why our #withdad campaign brings this very real struggle to life. #withdad is a celebration of and inspiration for dads who find innovative and exciting ways to make life better for their kids and families. Continue reading “Nissan Celebrates Fathers With #withdad Campaign”