Four Amazing Facts About Digital Advertising




Increasing Your Advertising Spend On Mobile  and Digital Video matters for Your Brand as per the NCS study of 1400  ad campaigns from 450 CPG brands. Mobile performs best for bringing in Incremental Sales per thousand impressions. For Brands looking at increasing sales , the dollar impact per thousand impressions for Mobile and Digital Video is higher than the Dollar Impact brought in by reach calculated as “Incremental Sales Per Reached HH”.


Sales per HH

For awareness campaigns and new launches,  Linear TV outperforms other media. The metric of Incremental Sales Per HH reached is highest for Linear TV followed by Magazines, Mobile and Digital Video. This does not imply that Mobile or Digital Video cannot be used for awareness campaigns. The key takeaway here is TV brings in best results by way Of Incremental Sales campaigns where the goal is Target Audience Reach.


Advertisers can choose media depending on metrics that are most important for them depending on the campaign goals. For brands that are looking at maximizing returns from a campaign, where the budget is limited, a campaign that focuses on Native advertising online on Magazine sites is likely to perform the best. This also implies that increasing impressions with the target audience will bring in a better return in place of increasing reach for your campaigns.

Metrics that were used are defined by removing the bias of creative and media costs.


Marquee Brands perform better for ROAS and Incremental Sales per reached Household in comparison with Medium brands, making Brand Salience as one of the more important Brand Metrics for Marketers. Viewability has a strong correlation with Purchase Intent and Sales Uplift as measured by comScore.




Special K Fortify Campaign Celebrates Inner Strength Of Women


Special K is celebrating women with a  video  of top moments in sports, the arts and  everyday life. By highlighting and elevating the stories of real women, Special K will make the world take notice of everything they are and everything they aspire to be.


SplkCelebrating the strength of the women, Special K in partnership with JWT has launched a new campaign “Fortify”, with 15 and 30 sec spots set to air January 4,2016. According to AdAge, “In a continued shift away from dieting, the new “Fortify” work from JWT does not mention calories, which were called out in the April campaign though were not the main focus.”

Jeremy Harper, Senior Director-Marketing at Kellogg, said he feels the new work is “celebrating the inner strength that we know every woman possesses” and that the brand is “focusing on providing women with foods that are both delicious and nourishing so we can do our part to help them stay strong.”

Special K Nourish contains multigrain quinoa flakes, a first for the brand, along with ingredients such as granola clusters, apples, raspberries, and nuts. It hits U.S. stores in January with a suggested retail price of  USD 4.49. Mr. Harper called Nourish “transformative,” citing the variety of ingredients such as coconut, granola and quinoa. The cereal is set to hit the stores in January.


According to AdAge, “JWT developed the new creative for Special K, and other agencies involved in the push are Krispr Communications,VML, Starcom and Integer. A print ad is set to begin appearing in March magazines.” Special K will focus on Nourish in its advertising as the product launches in the U.S., and then will include the rest of the existing line and additional new products.

Special K range of products features  meal options such as Frozen, Bars and Treats, are going to be advertised later in the year according to an AdAge update. The brand site offers recipes for SpecialK products providing the nutritional information, prep time and instructions. The digital experience features the brand story and content that is designed to fortify customers with all that exists in the cereal world for #Whatsnext.  The rewards program for Special K links with Kellogg’s Family Rewards.


Special K has a special focus on Protein and Gluten Free Products.


Key Insights For Retargeting Campaigns


According to a research report by IAB, based on a survey of 1000 US Marketers and 11000 US Advertisers’ retargeting campaigns on AdRoll, Retargeting has emerged as the breakout marketing tactic. The single most important campaign goal for marketers using remarketing as the key tactic is Brand awareness followed by  Engagement. Mobile is the key trend after Social Media impacting the Retargeting Campaign results.

  • 92 percent of marketers report retargeting performs equal to or better than search, 91 percent equal to or better than email, and 92 percent equal to or better than other display.
  • 71 percent of marketers spend 10-50 percent of their entire online ad budget on retargeting; up from 53 percent.
  • Social media is the single hottest topic in retargeting—mobile and cross-device retargeting comes in at #2.
  • Retargeting has expanded up the funnel. 70 percent of marketers use retargeting for brand awareness, 60 percent for social engagement, and 58 percent for customer retention.

Engage with Retargeting Creative That Resonates

Define the key customer takeaway. Determine the message you would like your audiences to walk away with. For Mobile the creative needs to be unobtrusive getting the message across in the quickest way possible, with images, bold fonts and clear messaging. The creative approach that is seen to work the best for retargeting, is simple that creates instant recall or has a humorous take on a situation.

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