Facebook Launches Marketplace


screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-9-33-31-amFacebook has launched Marketplace in  the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand on the Facebook app for iPhone and Android targeted at over 18 years old Facebook users. Based on the insight that over 450 Million people buy and sell from each other on Facebook Groups, Facebook Marketplace aims to be a convenient location to buy and sell from each other.

With Facebook Marketplace, users can discover, buy and sell from each other in the community. Facebook Marketplace is easy to access with Shop icon at the bottom of screen within the app.

Explore the items that are listed for sale by category or location and price. The details on the product page give product description, the name and profile photo of the seller, and their general location. You can thereafter message the seller and work out the shipping and price. The Facebook Marketplace does not have payment and shipping options.


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Location Based Searches Skewed Towards Mobile


Mobile search trends based on 3.5  Million mobile site visits and hundreds of millions of online visits, conducted in 2016 for a four-week period beginning April 10 and ending May 7, 2016, found that for some sectors, primarily Food and Beverage category the smartphones and tablets account for dominant share of site visits. For Food and Beverage category, mobile site visits are at 72 percent of searches that result in a visit.


According to Hitwise, the research pointed towards a similar trend in Health industry, “The Health industry, too, sees a similarly high share of searches being initiated on a mobile device with 68% of searches resulting in a click to this industry coming from mobile. ”

For retail 56 percent of searches that are site visits are from Smartphones and tablets. Location-based mobile searches are heavily skewed towards mobile and include words like “near me,” “hours,” “24 hour” and those that start out with “where to buy…”.


Mobile searches that included words “return policy,” “price match” or “reviews” were initiated on a mobile device at least 77 percent of the time and cue in higher purchase intent.


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Pokemon Go Adds Location To Mobile Gaming



In less than a week, Nintendo’s Share price surged by more than 25 percent, reportedly adding USD 7 Billion to the company’s value, with a Location centric AR Game Pokemon Go. According to The Forbes, “The Japanese company’s stock price surged 25% on Monday after climbing late last week, which helped add $7 billion to its market cap in short order.”

Pokemon Go is the most downloaded game, climbing to the top of App charts, with most downloads in the first 4.5 hours. Some of the stats for the game shared by TechCrunch are:

Go made it to the top of the App Store chart in 4.5 hours, a record among recent gaming titles. It was already the 5th top grossing app in the U.S., above Clash of Clans and Candy Crush just a day following its official launch (Miitomo only ever made it as high as 73 on the top grossing chart)It was top in both downloads and revenue in Australia and New Zealand two days into launch

With augmented reality the game creates a post console engagement for users as they look for characters in the real-world.

According to The Verge,

“Pokémon Go is an exploration game designed to get you walking outside. Its core components involve checking in at Pokéstops to collect items, capturing the creatures that do show up on the map, and battling. Pokéstops could be anything from your favorite coffee spot to a funky building you’ve walked by but never noticed before. Visiting them just means spinning a small circular photo of the location when you’re physically nearby. Items then spill out in bubbles for you to pop with your finger to collect. There’s also a system to hatch eggs, which may contain rarer pokémon not easily found in the wild, by walking with the app open or when wearing the Pokémon Go Plus wearable on your wrist.”

Alexa Reveals Exclusives For Amazon’s Prime Day


Amazon’s Prime Day for Amazon Prime subscribers – a subscription service that comes with a free 30 Day Trial, changes the game with a two-hour delivery promise for the Amazon Prime subscribers on the Prime Day. Amazon has Countdown Deals that are featured on Amazon.com, however Alexa, the virtual assistant available on Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Tap, has exclusives that are going to be revealed a few days prior to the event.

Here’s a little ditty from Alexa on Amazon Prime Day, “Tell secrets I cannot, but since you ask, this hint is what I’ve got. On July 8, early birds get their meal, so ask me then, and I will reveal some deals.”



Amazon’s Content and campaign for Prime Day engages audiences with a commercial that builds on the retailer’s location-based offers, where audiences are engaged with a slew of content, targeting audiences with Contests, Sweepstakes, Video advertising and Social Media Posts. Amazon has already started offering “Prime Day Countdown Deals“. With the Deals locator users can locate countdown deals on offer based on target location. The Amazon app has regular updates on deals that are going to be available.


Amazon’s audience engagement is centered around offering a Preview of tracks that are available for Amazon Prime Music and a photo contest that requires users to upload a photo with no purchase necessary. Amazon’s social media strategy centers around engaging users with a poll for Prime day.





Amazon’s Prime Day Product Deals are available with Countdown deals that are announced on Amazon.com Every day. According to a CNet update, Amazon plans to offer Alexa Powered Specials for Prime Day that makes Virtual Assistant as a Must have for scoring on the Prime Day.

Amazon’s engagement for Prime Day centered around deals on offer has  generated over 24 Million impressions, with Amazon.com being the lead source of traffic.