Five Marketing Tips For Keyword Targeting on Twitter


Keyword Level Targeting on Twitter, requires a new approach to optimize your campaigns on Twitter. A Search Campaign on Twitter works differently from a search campaign on other Search Engines. Here are Five Tips  shared by Twitter Advertising, to use Keyword Targeting in your Twitter Ads to make your Twitter campaigns more effective and target users with your Promoted Tweets in the Users Timeline.

Optimize Keyword Search To Arrive At Best Results
twitteradmnsAs in Search, Keyword targeting on Twitter gives best results with a tightly themed group of keywords as in the example above the keywords for best results could be Christmas Cookie Recipes or Festive Snacks. Doing a real-time analysis of the two phrases reveals, a wider appeal for Christmas cookie recipes compared to Festive Snacks..

 Christmas Cookie Recipes


Festive Snacks
twittersearch festivesnack

Twitter Advertising Blog recommends that while setting a Keyword phrase you should bear in mind that the search context is more humane and conversational and therefore it is more about using phrases that are likely to be used in a conversational context.
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Twitter’s Mobile App Promotion could increase your App Installs


Mobile Apps generated USD 26 billion in 2013 and present a huge opportunity for brands to engage audiences in a cost effective manner.
Twitter has tied up with several mobile measurement companies.

Mobile App Promotion leverages Interest Keyword, TV Targeting, and Tailored Audiences Capabilities. The ads can be further targeted based on location, interests and mobile device platforms.
The mobile app promotion can be used to deep link with your app, customize the app icon and the Tweet copy.

You can also view the dashboard for engagement and conversions.
Twitter will charge advertisers on Cost Per App Click basis.

Twitter Announces First Step Toward An IPO With A Tweet


Twitter filed for an IPO confidentially under a 2012 law intended to help emerging corporations with less than $1 billion in revenue go public.

Seven-year old Twitter, which allows users to send out streams of 140-character messages, has become an indispensable tool for governments, corporations and celebrities seeking to communicate with their audience, and for individuals seeking both news and entertainment.
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Key Insights on Video Content that goes Viral


Twitter has shared three stories with Key insights on how video content goes viral on Twitter.
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