How do you Choose the Most Effective Social Advertising Tactics


imageboardAccording to a study, “The Key to Successful Social Advertising” undertaken by Forrester for Kenshoo Social in Q1 2013, the key findings are:

1. Though Organic Posting is the most popular tactic, paid advertising is the most successful tactic.

2. Social Advertisers are still not using advanced optimization tactics

3. Social Advertisers should pay for promoted content and buy ads to drive sales

The two types of tactics studied are:

• Organic social media marketing. This includes tactics that social sites don’t
charge for, such as branded pages, branded applications, and branded posts on social networks.

• Paid social media advertising. This includes paid tactics such as ads and promoted content on social networks, promoted content on microblogs, and ads on business-focused social networks.

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Five Ways to Dazzle your Brand at Events


1. Launch a Campaign at an Event
Apple launched its new Every Apple TV Ad featured above at the Oscars with apps as the hero and the ad theme being linked to the movies.
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Five Steps to Promoting your Brand on Twitter



According to a study by Compete, Retail brands with promoted Tweets have better engagement and conversions on their websites.

Twitter users were exposed to Retail Tweets and displayed a higher likelihood to visit the retailer website as well as purchase. The likelihood of purchase increases with the frequency of exposure and the category niche. As the vertical goes from mass appeal to niche, finding and appealing an engaged audience is more impactful.

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Five Ways to Humanize your Brand


Social Media has given an all new way for brands to bond with the audiences, which requires your brand design to evolve and create messaging options that are seen as the “voice of the brand”.

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