Mobile Video Content For Holiday Marketing Success


According to Ooyala Global Video Index for Q2, 2015, nearly half of the video plays globally are taking place on a mobile device. Content owners, publishers and broadcasters have begun to see mobile as more than a platform for snacking with short-form video. Studies show that more viewers are turning to mobile for all of their video entertainment, from news to episodic TV and even long-form premium content like movies.



For long form video content, 30 minutes or longer, a larger screen generally showed a greater share of time watched. Connected TVs 52 percent were ahead of tablets 36 percent, mobile phones 23 percent and PCs 22 percent. A study  shared by IAB found that nearly one-third 30 percent of smartphone owners in the United States and Canada watch full-length TV shows on their smartphones, and 20 percent watch full-length movies.

For Brands, publishers and broadcasters relying on video for engagement here are the key content insights shared by Shareablee, where engagement for Video Content on social media channels grew by over 255 percent over First half, 2014. Shareablee’s Social Best practices are based on performance of 100,00 properties monitored daily.

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Mobile Programmatic and Native Video Ads Improve Campaign Performance



According to IAB Mobile Programmatic Playbook, “The most popular native format for mobile, and mobile programmatic, is in-feed advertising. In-feed ads are those that appear within the user’s natural activity stream. This includes traditional ads, videos or branded/sponsored stories which appear within a publisher’s content feed”.

Mobile Programmatic buying is known to improve performance on campaigns with Fiksu data proving that programmatic averages are better for both native and other programmatic advertising.
• Interstitial ads convert at a rate 2x higher
• Interstitial ads have CTRs 1.5x higher
• Native ads convert at a rate 4x higher
• Native ads have CTRs 1.2x higher

In mobile programmatic environment native ads are available via select publishers or open exchanges that consolidate the mobile app and mobile web native inventory of many publishers. Powerlinks and Unruly are partnering to launch an industry first native advertising effort where users will see an in-content stream and in-feed native ads across all devices. According to a Press Release, ” Advertisers will be able to access every placement with one standardized set of creative assets, including a video, headline and sponsor message, which will automatically adapt Unruly’s In-Feed video ads in real-time to the design and layout of the publisher’s website through Unruly’s proprietary Liquid Layout Technology.

The real-time bidding (RTB) integration will allow advertisers to reach audiences with granular targeting using 1st and 3rd party data, keyword level context and dozens of other data points to deliver highly relevant messages and to optimize performance.

With viewability in the forefront of buyer’s minds, Unruly’s In-Feed placements only begin to play once in-view, making the inventory 100% viewable. The partnership will provide detailed reporting and will allow advertisers to make changes and optimizations in real-time, while also using PowerLinks proprietary learning and bidding technologies to achieve engagement and conversion goals”.
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Short-Form Video For Product Marketing


Mobile or Short-Form video has gained the spotlight for consumer engagement for brands with videos being looped on Vine and liked on Instagram. For product marketing here are four ways that brands are using short-form Video to promote product benefits in a unique way.

Highlight the Product Feature that you want to promote in your Mobile Video by zooming in on the feature and encapsulating the benefit with a caption.

Create a unique event with celebrity endorsement to create greater product appeal.

Create a teaser with the product inviting audiences to a unique show or an event.

Create special effects that highlight a specific feature with the mobile video.

“Become a Favorite” – Engage Audiences with A Brand Contest on Vine



Lowe’s  Vine campaign this season, announcing new deals every day from Nov 27 to Dec 3 is a Retail first for bringing new deals to the audiences who actively engage with Mobile Video platform. According to Deal, Lowe’s opted to be both early and attention-grabbing this week by releasing 6-second Vine videos that tease Black Friday deals.

The campaign has seen generated audience engagement with over 2 Million loops for the first post released 24 days ago.  The campaign is promoted with hashtag Lowesblackfriday and the vignettes can be viewed at The campaign is unique as it showcases Black Friday Deals with animated imagery creating Brand Appeal across product categories.

Updating audiences with new features will become easier as brands can now push notifications once they are favorited by the followers. This is possible with a newly added feature on Vine that allows users to favorite a brand by pressing the star button on the screen as highlighted below.

FavoritesTweet (1)
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