Five Ways To Create Content For Retargeting

Creating Content for engaging and retargeting The Holiday Shopper, can make all the difference to your campaign performance, from generating awareness to increasing conversions.  As you have a large set of audience that may have visited your brand’s site, you may choose to select a sub-segment for retargeting depending on your campaign objective. To know more […]

Five Ways To Optimize Campaigns For The Last-Minute Shopper

According to Cardlytics, the largest holiday shopping segment is the Last-Minute Shoppers, a group of consumers who make up 36 percent of total holiday shoppers and do their gift buying between December 11 and December 31. The Last-Minute shoppers spend more than their counterparts and visit stores more frequently, as the holiday deadline looms. Last-Minute Shoppers […]

Retail Marketing Trends For Your Cyber Monday Campaign

As Retail Digital marketing strategy for your  business evolves with better personalization and omni-channel marketing, newer challenges emerge for Retail Brands to tackle shopping cart abandons with a focus on improved ROI from Holiday Season campaigns.

Based on past eTail research, cart abandon results in an average loss of 13 percent of all revenue during the holiday season, and it continues to be a major issue throughout the year.

Some of the tactics suggested by a Study conducted by Sail Thru, SOASTA and Criteo for retail marketing experts from diverse categories, including apparel, beauty, consumer electronics, home furnishings, books, music, and department stores include tackling omni-channel marketing with a Mobile First approach. Personalization and location are seen to be important bringing together content and commerce for an innovative strategy that more brands are starting to adopt. Below are a few essentials for honing your Digital Strategy for Cyber Monday campaign.

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Five Unique Ways For Retargeting With AdWords Campaigns

Google shopping
Retargeting With Product Listing Ads

Google PLAs are now available with a “Buy Now” option and select retailers can use the option to retarget audiences that have engaged with brand’s advertising by offering a Click-To-Buy option that comes with the newly rolled out Ads.

That ad will lead to a retailer-branded product page hosted by Google, where the shoppers are required to add their payment information that can be used for future transactions.

Google has rolled out a Conversation Search feature that according to the AdWords blog:

“On searches for the top-rated products, such as “Best women’s Nike running shoes,” we’re starting to show newly-designed shopping ads with authoritative rankings and product ratings. The new design is so helpful to those specific users that we’ve seen click-through-rate increases of up to 11 percent for retailers for these queries.Product queries that include “reviews” or “recommendations” are also increasingly common, so we’re showing new product review cards with product ratings and snippets from the most useful reviews from around the web. Finally, shoppers who want to learn more about a product’s features, like the resolution of the camera they’re considering purchasing, may now see a product attribute card with the most relevant information.”

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