Atypical Super Bowl 50 Advertising

Budweiser’s Safe Driving Advice Commercial

Budweiser, that has earlier released a campaign for NFL playoffs with the messaging Act Like It, has a message for Super Bowl fans. The commercial 60 second spot featuring Dame Helen Lydia Mirren has a message that warns the audiences about drunk driving. Setting the message apart from, the typical drunk driving PSA, Budweiser has called on fans to #GiveADamn and protect their lives and the lives of others.

According to AdAge, “The 60-second spot by Anomaly represents the first time Anheuser-Busch has run an anti-drunk driving ad in the game since 2005, according to the brewer. That year a spot by DDB Chicago showed Cedric the Entertainer doing a designated driver dance.”

Skittles’ Rocks The Rainbow

Skittles, released the Super bowl spot featuring Steve Tyler, that spins a story around Rocking the Rainbow where lips do the talking. According to Media Post “Marking its second return to Super Bowl advertising, Skittles will run “Portrait” in the second quarter. Continuing with the quirkiness factor, the 30-second as stars Steven Tyler critiquing a portrait of himself made of Skittles. The picture sings, but not to Tyler’s level of satisfaction. As the picture sings “Dream On,” Tyler insists that the picture hit a higher note. Once the note is hit, the portrait cracks, Skittles fall everywhere, but the picture still sings.”

Taco Bell’s Mystery Product Campaign 

IdeaTaco Bell has released teaser spots prior to the Big Game. As reported by AdAge, the three 30-second teasers star NBA all-star James Harden; Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, “alien expert;” and Bryan Wilson, “the Texas Law Hawk.” They are each holding a green brick, which is meant to represent the mystery item.
Taco Bell also issued its second press release. It released its first redacted press release last month. Though there is wide speculation about the product from Cinnamon Twists to Mexican Pizza Crunchwrap , Taco Bell has allowed Blind Pre-order of the product.
“With respect to our fans and ___-lovers everywhere, we knew they wouldn’t want to wait to get their hands on ___,” said Marisa Thalberg, chief marketing officer, Taco Bell. “That’s why we’re inviting them to be among the first to try it a full two days before everyone else, by placing a special pre-order now. There’s just one thing: it’s a blind pre-order…requiring just a small act of faith (not knowing what it is until you pick it up) to be at the very forefront of this impending phenomenon.”Taco Bell is returning to the Super Bowl after a two-year hiatus to introduce the new product. Taco Bell is ready with a Super Bowl campaign that weaves an interactive experience ahead of a new product launch. The product launch was announced with a “Redacted Press release”.

According to AdWeek, “The new 30-second campaign promises to be one of the taco chain’s “biggest launches to date,” and some are speculating the new menu item could be a Quesalupa—a cheesy chalupa. This isn’t the first time Taco Bell’s marketing has built mystery around a product.”



Skittles’ Launches Root For The Rainbow For Super Bowl 50


RainbowSkittles “Root for The Rainbow” campaign featuring All-Pro Linebacker and weather-dude DeMarcus Ware and All-Pro Linebacker and weather-dude Luke Kuechly has created a mock weather forecast for the week in a lead up to Super Bowl Sunday. The game day forecast at the weather stations WCNC Charlotte and FOX31 Denver with Skittles meteorologists is expected to be sunny and pleasant, that is certain to rejoice all football fans. However, Skittles fans can expect free Skittles, if there is a rainbow on Super Bowl Sunday.

The campaign Root For The Rainbow stems from Skittles Taste The Rainbow, that builds on the customers expression of experiencing life in color, building on the multi-colored product attribute. The Offer of free skittles is promoted on Facebook and Twitter.

skittlesspotAccording to AdAge, The second consecutive Skittles Super Bowl commercial will star Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. The commercial marks the first time Skittles has featured a celebrity in a “Taste the Rainbow” TV commercial. Once again, DDB Chicago is the agency handling the work. Skittles, which is marketed by Mars-owned Wrigley, made its Super Bowl debut in 2015 with an ad called “Settle It” that had an arm wrestling theme.

Skittles’ Teaser Campaign


Skittles released a  teaser campaign spot for the Game day for the Super Bowl  building on the anticipation of the game with a Tagline “It Will Be settled”. NBC is charging a reported USD 4.5 million per 30-second spot in Super Bowl XLIX, which will be played Feb. 1 in Glendale, Ariz. Skittles will run one commercial during the first half of the game. Skittles’ hope, of course, is the commercial will get a lot of traction online, long after the game.

Skittles has engaged fans on Facebook with a Social media post encouraging audiences to cheer for Seattle Seahawks and  has posted the teaser on Facebook Fan Page with over 26 million likes and promoted the video on Twitter.

The Teaser Ad is in the form of Story-building urges the audience to find out more about the ad spot and the outcome of the game.

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