Brand Buzz During the Super Bowl and Viewers Media Habits



#EataSnickers used by Snickers is creating brand buzz, with the brand advertising the Call To Action with hashtag prominently in the Facebook Cover Photo for the Fan Page. The key channels for the brand are Twitter, YouTube and Instagram for generating all the buzz for the #EataSnickers. In the last three days it has gained over 6 Million Impressions.

Brands that include hashtags in Call To Action often emerge as winners in the brand conversation as seen from last year’s Super Bowl advertising.

According to Nielsen Social guide, Tweets in the U.S. about telecast of Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014 on FOX reached a Unique Audience on Twitter of 15.3 million people, garnering a total of 1.8 billion Twitter TV impressions throughout the night.

Twitter activity peaked during the event at 10:00 p.m. with a total of 301,400 Tweets sent during the minute. But viewers weren’t just tweeting about the game and halftime show; the ads were just as conversation-worthy. In looking at the Twitter conversations about brands, which were also tracked minute-by-minute during the TV event, Esurance, which aired one spot during the game with a call to action referencing #EsuranceSave30, inspired viewers to send a total of 1.9 million Tweets, making it the most-tweeted about brand of the night.

Here is an infographic shared by AdWeek with Super Bowl viewers profile and Media Habits.


Fan Engagment on Twitter Extends Beyond The Live Airing of Shows


pllBrand advertisers have leveraged the affinity for TV programs to boost fan engagement as millions of fans log into their favorite program and Tweet about it.

While most of the Twitter conversation takes place during the airing of the show, there is significant conversation that takes place post the airing and during the build-up stage. Nielsen Social has tracked and analyzed 24/7 Twitter TV activity around 72 weekly broadcast and cable series programs in August and September 2014.

Nielsen Social has earlier shared reports that indicate a very strong correlation between the TV Ratings and the Tweet activity for the show. The context for conversation is important to understand the level of interest generated with the Twitter conversation, outside the live airing.
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Real-time Socializing Increases Reach for TV Shows



Audiences are engaging in show conversations on Social Networks while viewing TV and engaging in real-time conversations. Nearly twenty percent read comments and conversations about the show and as high as eight percent write blurbs on the programs they are watching.
Content Strategy for TV programming goes beyond channels and interaction points could include apps with 6% checking on their favorite shows on apps.

Facebook and Twitter have launched ad products aimed at tracking real-time conversations making it easier for marketers to understand audience engagement. Brand Marketers can make real-time connect with social viewers for their favorite channels and programs.

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