Key Insights For Content Moments

According to AOL Advertising research for over 55,000 social interactions, there are eight different moments that define the content experience. Comprised of four different elements-Motivation, Emotion, Outcome and Topic, the eight different moments are the one that: Inspire – Looking for fresh ideas, Impart Knowledge – Staying Updated, Lead To Discovery – Seeking answers or advice, Provide Comfort – […]

Sizzling Summer Campaigns On Social

Pepsi’s Emoji campaign #SayItWithPepsi makes Emojis the new way to express. To find the right way to express themselves, consumers will have over 200 Emojis to choose from. A contest targeted at younger audiences, gives a chance to go to the VMAs by snapping a pic with all three Pepsimoji bottles and hashtags #SayitWithPepsi and […]

The Secret Potion For Boosting Your Campaign ROI

Sprite known for music and thirst quenching launched Obey Your Verse Campaign, as a sequel to Obey Your Thirst Campaign. The new campaign is set to lyrical songs that feature new artists and emcees Missy, J. Cole and 2Pac. The campaign has generated high positive sentiment with lyrics and artists that makes for an engaging […]