Key Insights For Content Moments


According to AOL Advertising research for over 55,000 social interactions, there are eight different moments that define the content experience. Comprised of four different elements-Motivation, Emotion, Outcome and Topic, the eight different moments are the one that:

Inspire – Looking for fresh ideas, Impart Knowledge – Staying Updated, Lead To Discovery – Seeking answers or advice, Provide Comfort – Seeking assurance or Insight, Feel GoodFeeling relaxed, Entertain and Social Sharing.


Using these different moments  content experience offered by Brands can engage audiences through the buyer journey. For a meaningful content experience, Brands can create buzz for their products by linking it to an event and generating engagement with their presence at the event. Going a step further, Brands can create the content path for their consumers that can have an impact on brand performance throughout the funnel. Alexander Wang has gone a step further in the content journey rolling out different brand activation strategy for brands with a Pop-Up Truck for Adidas Originals and a Pop-In Online activation for Nordstrom.

Raising Awareness

Social Media Posts and Video on YouTube can raise awareness for new products that are linked to an event. Though the direct audience for an event may be limited in reach,   brands at an event can reach audiences that engage or follow the event conversation.


In a recent partnership of Adidas Originals and Alexander Wang, Alexander Wang announced a new look designed to make designer sportswear. Taking the look to a new level, Alexander Wang’s stark line up imbibes the fashion forward feel to Adidas’ sporting gear line-up. The activation is a Pop Up Truck where the users can follow the story on Snapchat and call to find out the next stop for the truck.

Connecting with the generation, Adidas Originals has curated the collection on Instagram and the blog on  Tumblr, with posts that showcase the look in visual posts.


Alexander Wang’s Twitter account posts further build on the look, with a Lookbook that captures the trends that are available in stores. Cross-promoting the event and launch of the new collection with Alexander Wang’s social media account, Adidas Originals has reached the social media followers of the designer.



Increasing Engagement

Nordstrom has showcased the work of Alexander Wang, with a Pop-In shop on Nordstrom, with posts on Instagram account that promotes the runway look for NYFW. The Pop-In Shop is a month-long fare that is curated by Olivia Kim, VP of Creative Projects for Nordstrom.


According to Yahoo News, “The collaboration will launch in nine stores as well as on, bringing items from the designer’s various product categories together for a more global look at his work. The store already carries Wang’s women’s wear, shoes, accessories, and handbags.

Among the items, Wang designed specifically for Pop-In@Nordstrom are sets of shot glasses, gold-plated dice, playing cards, an inflatable unicorn pool toy, a domino set and more.” Asides from creating the partnership that is likely to engage Nordstrom fans, the products are best likely to enhance the style statement with unusual products such as the gold-plated dice. Furthermore, there is an exclusive Pop-In Bag from Alexander Wang on the purchase.


Takeaways For Brands and Advertisers

By defining moments that are most likely to inspire and help audiences stay updated, Brands can identify the right partnerships for an event that the audiences are likely to follow.

Creative that gets audiences to react serves as a motivation for audiences to engage and interact with the brand with an emotion. This leads to greater social sharing and amplification of the brand’s message.

Using a Topic that is popular with the target audiences can give brands and audiences the required connect to share their reactions on social media.

Brand Activations that are Online and Offline, increase the chance of interaction, creating moments of Feel Good, reassurance and seeking comfort. Giving an incentive with a CTA is likely to increase campaign efficacy.


Defining moments for the content journey with a popular topic  can generate required interactions and engagement while raising awareness, for Brands prior to a campaign launch, over and above Content goals such as Referral links, CTR, Impressions and Social Media Shares. The required engagement can further Brand Performance for the defined metrics such as Purchase Intent and Recommendation Intent




Sizzling Summer Campaigns On Social


Pepsi’s Emoji campaign #SayItWithPepsi makes Emojis the new way to express. To find the right way to express themselves, consumers will have over 200 Emojis to choose from. A contest targeted at younger audiences, gives a chance to go to the VMAs by snapping a pic with all three Pepsimoji bottles and hashtags #SayitWithPepsi and #Entry. A campaign targeted at the teens has Sweepstakes that is co-promoted with Little Caesars #SayItWithPepsi has a cash prize. The Facebook videos feature interactive content #ThrillofTheGame. With Interactive Content and Emoji contests Pepsi has lined up a Winning game.


KFC’s Summer Campaign On YouTube


KFC’s campaign on YouTube features KFC’s signature $5 and $20 Fill Ups, which are perfect for summer meals and gatherings, making the creative resonate within a context. KFC launched the campaign early in July with four spots, that consisted of two :30 and two :15 commercials, all of which will air nationally. The ads featured George Hamilton as the Colonel with an exaggerated suntan to emphasize his “extra crispy” character as he combs the beach to share his love of Extra Crispy Chicken with families. KFC has launched the campaign to highlight the products that are likely to be most popular for Picnics and Summer getaways. The campaign centers around Original Recipe and Extra Crispy. Extra Crispy chicken tenders are the ones with a signature crunch to give special crunchy flavor that makes it a hit with the audiences. With a creative that builds on the digital persona of Col. Sanders, KFC has other elements tied to the campaign such as the digital comic that can be downloaded from the brand site.


Emojis with Product led advertising build an emotional connect and at the same time present a moment of entertainment that can be further extended to Social media. With newer ways to express, audiences find the campaign more engaging. #SayItWithPepsi Campaign has earned 7 Million impressions in two days.

Characters often build your Brands’ Story in a more memorable manner and using characters can create a better resonance. Brand Storytelling differs from Branding which can be best described as “A distinctive set of characteristics and crafting stories across a variety of mediums that communicate and contextualize those characteristics in unique and immersive ways.” In KFC and Pepsi’s campaign The characters enliven the brand story in audiences lives. The characters in the campaigns are used by brands to give a unique consumer experience.

Humor works at building memorability as seen from research. “We observe a strong relationship between humor and impact because humor can drive involvement, which drives memorability.” Using Characters in a humorous situation with Digital engagement that younger audiences find entertaining is likely to be amplified.

Surprise your customers such as find a Pepsimoji bottle with a Pizza Emoji to win a free Pizza.



Pokemon Go Adds Location To Mobile Gaming



In less than a week, Nintendo’s Share price surged by more than 25 percent, reportedly adding USD 7 Billion to the company’s value, with a Location centric AR Game Pokemon Go. According to The Forbes, “The Japanese company’s stock price surged 25% on Monday after climbing late last week, which helped add $7 billion to its market cap in short order.”

Pokemon Go is the most downloaded game, climbing to the top of App charts, with most downloads in the first 4.5 hours. Some of the stats for the game shared by TechCrunch are:

Go made it to the top of the App Store chart in 4.5 hours, a record among recent gaming titles. It was already the 5th top grossing app in the U.S., above Clash of Clans and Candy Crush just a day following its official launch (Miitomo only ever made it as high as 73 on the top grossing chart)It was top in both downloads and revenue in Australia and New Zealand two days into launch

With augmented reality the game creates a post console engagement for users as they look for characters in the real-world.

According to The Verge,

“Pokémon Go is an exploration game designed to get you walking outside. Its core components involve checking in at Pokéstops to collect items, capturing the creatures that do show up on the map, and battling. Pokéstops could be anything from your favorite coffee spot to a funky building you’ve walked by but never noticed before. Visiting them just means spinning a small circular photo of the location when you’re physically nearby. Items then spill out in bubbles for you to pop with your finger to collect. There’s also a system to hatch eggs, which may contain rarer pokémon not easily found in the wild, by walking with the app open or when wearing the Pokémon Go Plus wearable on your wrist.”

The Secret Potion For Boosting Your Campaign ROI


Sprite known for music and thirst quenching launched Obey Your Verse Campaign, as a sequel to Obey Your Thirst Campaign. The new campaign is set to lyrical songs that feature new artists and emcees Missy, J. Cole and 2Pac. The campaign has generated high positive sentiment with lyrics and artists that makes for an engaging brand content.

The commercial is set to a young man’s visit to corner store where he opens the cooler to a remix with the popular lyrics. The commercial spot plays on the music craze from popular artists with a social media campaigns that brings forth the influence of artists with their fans.

#ObeyYourVerse campaign features different 16 different lyrics from three artists. Collecting the lyrics on your mobile, can earn your rewards. Earning rewards is easy, as users need to collect the 16 different images of lyrics featured on Sprite cans and 20 Oz bottles to start earning rewards. The rewards program engages users with catchy verses and lyrics without making any purchases. The rewards link to sweepstakes that can earn you free Groceries for a year to a GoPro Hero 4 Silver.




Increase The Viral Impact

As high as 70 percent of the engagement for the campaign is on Twitter with Retweets being majority of the Twitter engagement. More than 5 Million impressions can be linked to social media sites reaching over 1.8 Million users.

With content that has a viral impacts Brands are known to boost ROI by over 2000 percent.


Your Content And Campaign Messaging Evokes An Emotion

The campaign sentiment evaluated as positive or negative is at 95 percent as per the Keyhole calculation that is calculated as percentage of positive over positive and negative.



Create content for your campaign on social networks where your users are most engaged on. The reach increases the engagement with your target audience. use of influencers and User Generated Content brings in better results with higher conversion rate.

Brand Content that goes viral is known to perform on Valence, Arousal and Dominance implying that messaging and content that brings about an emotional response is most likely to be amplified. According to the VAD framework, Valence defines the positive or negative feelings with arousal seen to be ranging from excitement to relaxation, and Dominance ranging from being in control to submission.

While Data Driven approach increases campaign performance for Brand Metrics with Digital Marketing, creating Brand Content that is likely to be shared and amplified increases the campaign ROI.


The emotions for the campaigns are linked to the relaxation and emotions associated with the music that can range from excitement to relaxation. According to a HBR study, the emotions associated with brand content impacts the amplification of message. Most campaigns that go viral are known to score high on emotional valence that can range from excitement to sadness.

Brands with Music themed campaigns strike a chord with different target audience segments inspiring emotions that range from audiences identifying with the artists to plain entertainment with music being one of the key mobile activities.




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