Ten Ways To Power Your Brand Content This Holiday Season

Brand Content pivots your Brand story in a format that consumers find engaging. Engagement and Interactions are important for bringing in conversions and cascading conversations that surround your brand. One of the key Digital tools impacting shopper behavior is Brand Social that relies on brand content with a  site design  that renders itself for greater responsiveness.

Brand Storytelling Creates Resonance

Brands that have been successful over time have often carved a unique Brand position where they are known to stand for something singularly. According to Al Ries “The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding” , The Law of Singularity, a brand is the single idea that you own in consumer or prospect’s mind.

Brand Content for Storytelling starts with the purpose that goes to support the singular idea that the Brand wants to own in the consumers mind. Hallmark Movie Channel has launched a Countdown To Christmas where the idea is to show Christmas Movies every day with a new premiere every Saturday and Sunday. Hallmark channel that is singularly known for providing “Quality Family Entertainment”, has consistently advertised promotions and promoted movies that engender the singularity in Brand proposition.



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Five Ways To Enhance Mobile For Better Brand Engagement


Mobile Marketing has significant influence in guiding the consumer decision at all stages of the consumer journey. The Mobile strategy for your brand needs to go from being a sales generator or acquisition and transactions led strategy to Engagement Led strategy where consumers perceive your Brand to be the one that is taking away the “Decision-making Stress”, according to a Forrester Research Analyst, Shar VanBoskirk.

Brands that are seen as offering value within a context on a consistent basis are often likely to be salient with the target while creating a long-term loyal user base. Marketing in the moment for Brands that are seen as the ones bringing valuable offers is likely to resonate better and create greater social media influence for the brand.

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Six Stellar Marketing Tips For Your Facebook Video Content

Facebook Video has engaged audiences with number of native videos posted on Facebook being higher than YouTube videos posted based on the results shared by Social Bakers for 180,000 Facebook video posts across 20,000 Facebook pages owned by brands, media companies, celebrities, and entertainment companies.

Video Posts
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Axe Unveils White Label on Social Media Channels

Axe has effectively used YouTube to announce a new range of grooming products – White Label, with 30 Sec Spots that are centered around the product benefit with the Tagline How You Feel Says It All. The Video content has been created to engage audiences with interactive annotations that are weaved in to the story line of the film with stylized text and font. The brand has announced the availability of products in stores on YouTube. Product information is available on a dedicated website for the range www.axewhitelabel.com

A post on Facebook announces the hair styling product with a  spot for the new Axe White Label range of products.The post on Facebook featuring the hair styling cream has generated the best engagement  so far. The post on Instagram has featured the antiperspirant spray with a #TryDry.
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