With Periscope Brands Can Now Be Broadcasters

PeriscopeMobile First Strategy for Brands is more than a buzzword with brands seeing measurable results in the Brand Metrics. The Reach for Digital video on Mobile has been increasing with more than 164 Million Americans using an App/Web on Smartphones. Periscope with the positioning of “It’s worth it – We promise” has been termed as a Game-Changer, unleashing a trend where Brands and publishers are real-time promoting on Twitter the Live Streams to engage audiences with the new App.

Brands relying on Native Video Content will find Periscope inevitable for their Campaigns as it provides a unique way of connecting with the audiences live with Video Content. It has created a new “Engagement Paradigm” where Brands can now broadcast live events and create Digitally Branded Properties to connect with the audiences anytime and anywhere. This will be a step-up as Brands can now move from being publishers to being broadcasters!

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Twitter Engagement Study for Interbrand’s Best Global Brands

According to a Twitter Study for the Global Brands featured in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands, more than 90 percent of Brands tweeted more than once a day. Only 6 percent of brands tweeted more than ten times a day.

The study looks at more than 38,000 brand Tweets and over 6 million engagements across categories.

The key findings from the Twitter Engagement Study are:

Visual content works. Photos inspired 57 percent of all engagement with Brand Tweets—a 6 percent increase from the previous quarter

Tweet Activity
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Twitter Adds New Targeting Capabilities

Twitter has bolstered audience management tool with new targeting options.According to a blog post on Twitter Advertising blog,

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