Facebook Introduces Product Ads

ProductadFacebook introduces Product Ads that let advertisers promote products with Dynamic Product ads, multi-product ads or promote the entire Product catalog with a call to action in the advertisement.

The dynamic product ads and multiple product ads help retailers showcase products with a positioning that is unique for each product. The advantage of product ads is that it links directly to your Product URL leading to greater conversion lift. It is like response driven advertising or direct mail that helps you target the set of audience that you want to reach for increasing online sales or conversions for your products. While offer based advertising and other brand advertisements maybe good for creating awareness for your brands, product ads offer a unique opportunity to create a showcase for your Products with targeting options based on interest, behaviors or with custom audiences targeting your website visitors.

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“Become a Favorite” – Engage Audiences with A Brand Contest on Vine


Lowe’s  Vine campaign this season, announcing new deals every day from Nov 27 to Dec 3 is a Retail first for bringing new deals to the audiences who actively engage with Mobile Video platform. According to Deal News.com, Lowe’s opted to be both early and attention-grabbing this week by releasing 6-second Vine videos that tease Black Friday deals.

The campaign has seen generated audience engagement with over 2 Million loops for the first post released 24 days ago.  The campaign is promoted with hashtag Lowesblackfriday and the vignettes can be viewed at https://vine.co/tags/lowesblackfriday. The campaign is unique as it showcases Black Friday Deals with animated imagery creating Brand Appeal across product categories.

Updating audiences with new features will become easier as brands can now push notifications once they are favorited by the followers. This is possible with a newly added feature on Vine that allows users to favorite a brand by pressing the star button on the screen as highlighted below.

FavoritesTweet (1)
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Hashtag your Campaign To Woo Audiences

Hashtags that are trending for the holiday season can make your campaign all the required attention during the holiday season. Some of the trend analysis for the different hashtags reveals trending tags peak at different times of the day.
An App may do well with a promotion hashtag of #Thanksgiving while a Gift Coupon may do well with#Thanksgiving. Hollister Co has promoted its app with a post on Instagram and Twitter featuring the Apps unique Christmas Wishlist feature. The App has been promoted with #BlackFriday on Instagram.

In fact the use of Hashtag has gone a step further for Hollister

“Now you can build your #HCoHouseParty Wishlist right in the Hollister App! Don’t have it? Download it now in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store! #App #Wishlist #BlackFriday””

In fact the use of Hashtag has gone a step further with the promotion of the Snapchat account on Twitter.

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Instagram and Mobile In-Store Shopping Key for Engaging Teens

Targeting Teens may require you to think of a mobile first strategy with Instagram as the Network of choice with trends and themes that are diverse enough to reflect their individuality.

“Teen closets are diverse, just like their social circles and lifestyles. The millennial thirst for adventure is clear with experimentation, discovery and individuality being the new cool. A key fashion trend among teens is the spirit of choice – demand for action sports, fast fashion, refined classics and fashion athletic brands stabilized or increased.”

Taking Stock with Teens, a consumer insights report published by Piper Jaffray & Co., a survey that examines Key trends in fashion, beauty and personal care, digital media, food, gaming and entertainment, endorses Apple as the favorite brand with Instagram as the most preferred Social Network for the consumer that prefers to shop with Mobile in-store.

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