Apple Watch Is One of The Top Ten Preferred Watches By The Teens


teenswatchAccording to a survey by Piper Jaffray, conducted with 6200 teenagers in Spring 2015, Apple Watch features as one of the top ten preferred watches.The purchase intent for the Watch is at 11 percent amongst the demographic where 66 percent own an iPhone and 64 percent own an iPad.

One of the most compelling reasons for teenagers keen on purchasing the Apple Watch is Messaging and Notifications with 64 percent stating it to be a reason above Apps and Brand. The key insight into the Teen behavior for watch app requires app developers to be able to create experiences that are shareworthy and present contextual offers.

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In-App Advertising Spend Outpaces Mobile Web Based Spend 3X

For the first time, the mobile app spending will outpace mobile web browser ad dollars nearly 3-to-1. Advertisers will spend $20.79 billion to reach consumers via mobile apps in 2015, compared with $7.93 billion on mobile browsers, according to  eMarketer Digital Advertising  report.

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Shop Now Call to Action For Facebook Pages and Buy Now Promoted Tweets Boost Social Commerce




As announced by Facebook earlier, the Call-To-Action button for pages with the seven different calls-to-action has started rolling out. The different CTAs available are:

Book Now
Contact Us
Use App
Play Game
Shop Now
Sign Up
Watch Video

Though Social networks play a large role in being a referral source for driving online commerce, however with direct call to action, it may be possible for brands to ascertain the direct impact of the network in influencing purchases, as in the case of Apps that are now considered an online sales channel.

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Campaign Optimization For Always-on Shopping



The Digital Buyer who has an always on approach to shopping in a multi-screen world requires a newer approach for campaign optimization. This is especially true for the holiday season shopping where shoppers are influenced at multiple touch-points before the decision is made.

Social sharing and discovery on social networks plays a critical role with nearly 33 percent of Target Audience turning to Facebook or Twitter for deciding on the purchase and nearly 40 percent looking at emails prior to consideration phase.

Adding to this, is the newest technology addition of Beacons that can connect the audience to availability in store as well as guide them close to the best bargain available in the category of choice. The Beacons are personalized to the extent that it has a possible facial recognition built-in which identifies customers after they walk into the store.

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