New Apple Watch Campaign Humanizes The Brand

Apple Watch’s new Advertising Campaign with six different 15 sec creative spots, humanizes the brand, while focusing on benefits of the Watch for different customer segments.

The Spots titled Sprinkle, Ride, Date, Train, Cycle and Sing, highlight the key moments in customers lives when they are most likely to use the watch, helping audiences connect with the adverts and see how the watch can help get through their daily lives, smoothly.


The Spot titled “Sing”, takes forward the idea of personalized audio messaging forward with a creative that shows the ease of recording a personal message in a personalized manner. “Sending an audio message on your Apple Watch is simple. Just say it and send it”. Considering that Messaging and Apps are one of the key reasons cited by Teens for purchasing Apple Watch, the messaging creative may be right for targeting younger audiences for the holiday season.

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Apple Launches New Campaign For Apple Watch

Apple Watch campaign with four different ads “Closer”,”Beijing”, “Berlin” and “Goals” coincides with the launch of the Watch in new markets. The campaign captures the use of the Watch in different situations, where the Apps play a key role making Apple Watch indispensable in customers’ lives. The experiences that are delivered by the Watch elaborate on how audiences can enjoy their travel to different cities with useful navigation and translation apps, that provide a seamless user experience.

The creative approach humanizes the brand, while positioning it on convenience with simpler user interface, in comparison with the earlier ads that rely on using product features to create a unique positioning for Apple Watch. The campaign launched earlier in April consisted of three ads “Rise”, “Up” and “Us”.

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Key Insights For Designing User Experience For The Smartwatch App

appwatchMobile mind shift has created newer opportunities for Marketers to respond to the glanceable moment offered by Smartwatch screen views.  According to research by Forrester, as high as 10 percent US respondents use a daily fitness tracker and as high as 45 percent are intrigued by the prospect of getting a Smartwatch.

A Smartwatch experience is seen by the users, as a step ahead of the Smartphones experience as the Smartwatch glanceable moments,  make it easier to access and personal than accessing the phone that is seen to be more cumbersome.

Urban Airship with Forrester has shared insights from research that can help you design your Smartwatch App Experience and chalk out your Brand’s Smartwatch App Engagement Strategy.

Recreate Mobile Use Case For Smartwatch experience with A Glanceable Moment in Mind
Glanceable moments offer a window of 3 seconds for engaging your customer. Thus designing a Smartwatch experience is different from a Mobile App Use Case. To get the Smartwatch experience right it has to be seen as how well it can help the user to do something that helps them do ” The Next thing”. It is based on the predictive behavior where the information pushed to the user is actionable in 3 seconds as opposed to 10 seconds to 30 seconds available for Mobile phone use case. Thus designing use case by giving timely notification makes the experience more meaningful in a glance. Starbucks App serves notification at the time of placing an order advising the user of the earned rewards. Apple Store App notifications can let you connect with reminders and updates on shipping deliveries.

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Four Key Steps For Creating A Connected Brand Experience

An interactive Consumer Experience that removes stress from Consumers’ Daily lives is seen to be a competitive edge for brands that are seeking to optimize brand performance.

With the rise of design driven, consumer centric brand experiences, delivering newer experiences for technology empowered consumers, requires brands to rethink brand strategy. Brands looking at capturing the audience imagination and grabbing the consumers’ attention need to revisit  brand discovery, User Experience and Delivery of the products and service to create sustainable competitive advantage.

StarbucksTargetChipotleTwitter applewatch

Starbucks, Chipotle, Target and Twitter are some of the brands that have introduced Apple Watch apps coinciding with the launch of the Apple Watch.
According to a research report as high as, 30 percent of Market Capitalization for S&P 500 companies is attributable to Intangible Brand Assets such as the Brand Value. Companies that have retained competitive advantage and have resonant brands are known to have moved focus from a dormant brand advertising led growth model to actionable data sharing, contextual messaging while focusing on bringing newer experiences based on actionable data insights.

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