Cats, Dogs and 5 Ways To Fly With Facebook’s New Video Metrics and Publisher Tools

Facebook introduced Newer Video Metrics and Publisher Tools for Facebook 360 Video. The new Publisher Tools for 360 videos make for a responsive viewing format, resulting in higher completion rates and increased watch time. Titled Guide and Heatmap the new Publisher Tools will create a guided experience for the viewer with a narrative that matches […]

Up and Up With Interactive Live Video Content

Interactive Video Content brings better performance for Broadcast publishers, as seen from benchmarks shared by IAB. For broadcast publishers, adding Interactive video content is known to boost completion rates and increase user activity. While Mobile Video generates the best engagement rates, Connected TV Video resulted in highest completion rates. With nearly 50 percent of ¬†US […]

Halloween’s Spooktacular Campaigns

TGTCANearly 94 percent of Halloween shoppers will buy candies, bringing in a total USD 2.1 billion in Candy revenue, making it an occasion for brands to engage the audiences with Halloween themed advertising. For brands using Social Networks to promote their brands on Halloween, Custom Audience targeting available on Facebook, Twitter and now Google’s Customer Match for search ads, can prove to be a highly effective tactic.

Targeting, Placement of Ads and Objectives are key in building on your Facebook ad efficiency, with nearly 70 percent of reach on Facebook now being paid for advertising. On an average 25 percent of the posts seen by a Facebook user are Pages post, of which nearly 10 percent are promoted.







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Facebook Announces New Video Formats and Viewing Experience

Mobile Video is fast emerging as the most engaging video ad format. ¬†According to Carat’s Ad Spend Report 2015, Mobile and online video are the key drivers of social media advertising revenue growth, where mobile in-app video ad placements are likely to grow at a faster rate than mobile web browser-based advertising. To focus on […]