Know Your Audience For Real-time Conversations

Twenty-three percent of those surveyed by Salesforce will use more than one social channel while the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. Salesforce Research surveyed 1,082 consumers and found that Super Bowl 50 viewers plan to use their devices and social media during the game. To plan your social media play for […]

Four Awesome Ways To Promote With Vines In New Format

Vine has improved the video quality for short-form video that are now shared and viewed in larger formats, creating a richer experience for your brand fans and followers. The short-form video lets you tell your brands’ story in six seconds, allowing for a single-minded messaging for your brand that audiences can connect with.

Short-form Video is seen as the preferred format by the audiences and the advertisers like the looping feature of Vine that creates engagement with the looping feature that allows for repetitive viewing. Moreover, the  brands are able  to use creative and visual elements beyond the ad copy to get the campaign message across. Now the same is available in  a larger format allowing for 720p picture quality as opposed to 420p available earlier which allows for greater creative play in the short-form video format.

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Short-Form Video For Product Marketing

Mobile or Short-Form video has gained the spotlight for consumer engagement for brands with videos being looped on Vine and liked on Instagram. For product marketing here are four ways that brands are using short-form Video to promote product benefits in a unique way. Highlight the Product Feature that you want to promote in your Mobile […]

Insights For Creating Digital Engagement With NFL Fans

The Digital buzz for Super Bowl conversations extends beyond the advertising and fan engagement during the Super Bowl match takes place on Multi-screens with real-time brand messaging playing a big role.

According to a report published by Global Web Index based on a survey with internet users in the US, NFL fans reportedly spend 1.81 hours per day engaging with social networks. As a result, networking accounts for close to 30 percent of the total time approximately 6.32 hours  that the NFL Fans spend online each day.

As we saw during the World Cup during 2014, social networks are a major go-to point for real-time sports conversations among the USA’s digital population. It is not surprising that one of the major social networks Twitter is partnering with 25 brands to create War Rooms that will send out live Tweets to engage fans.
Chatting with friends and staying up to date are the key activities that the Social networks are used for. Facebook fan engagement for this segment is high and keeps audiences in touch with the brands they like.

As important as it is for NFL Fans to chat with friends one of the major activities they pursue is checking on news on second screen. With the rising use of second screen NFL fans who are online viewers (32 percent)  are also actively searching for products to buy and as high as 17 percent use social networks to research products to buy..

With a view to activate the viewers Visa and Pepsi in partnership with e-commerce platform Delivery Agent will offer select merchandise on sale during the half-time show as reported by Marketing Land.Viewers with connected devices such as Samsung, Roku, LG, Twitter, Shazam and who engage with Visa and Pepsi will have multiple ways to shop:

  • Fans viewing with a connected Samsung Smart TV will have the ability to use their remote control to shop during the Halftime Show.
  • As one of Twitter’s “Buy Now” launch partners, Delivery Agent will shop-enable tweets sent by brand and platform partners during the Halftime Show.
  • Delivery Agent will power commerce for Shazam, allowing viewers to purchase contextual products when they Shazam music from the halftime show directly from their Smart Phone.
  • Fans can also visit the ShopTV television commerce marketplace app, newly launched on Roku devices, to shop via remote during and after the game. Visa Checkout will be the exclusive ShopTV payment provider for this program.

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